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Melissa McCarthy Gets Called a “Female Hippo” by Rex Reed: A Story in .Gifs

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Listen, Identity Thief seems like a pretty sub-par comedy despite its genius stars, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy. The script is weak and the plotline is corny, but thankfully the actors save it from being a total disaster by being masters of gesture, delivery and physical comedy.

While it might seem natural to criticise a shitty movie for the above shortcomings, Rex Reed – the Grumpy Old Man in human form film critic for The New York Observer – did nothing of the sort. Instead, he concentrated on insulting McCarthy about her weight while giving Bateman glowing reviews for being… thin and attractive?



“Melissa McCarthy is a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success. Poor Jason Bateman. How did an actor so charming, talented, attractive and versatile get stuck in so much dreck.”

Other choice words Reed dedicated to McCarthy:

– “tractor-sized”
– “a female hippo”
– “humungous creep”
– “cacophonous”



Melissa McCarthy is fantastic has always been frank in discussions surrounding her weight – which of course there have been many of, because that’s the way this stupid world works – and has admitted that she still struggles with her body image on a daily basis but tries to master the urge to, oh, hate herself, because she would never want to pass such behaviour down to her own daughters. But here’s the thing: what on God’s green earth does McCarthy’s weight have to do with whether or not a movie is funny? The great thing about so many of her roles – for instance, her part of Sookie on Gilmore Girls – is the fact that it illustrated that – surprise, surprise! – fat people’s lives don’t revolve around being fat! Fat people fall in love, fat people hang out with their friends and have jobs and even (gasp!) eat salads and work out! It’s a miracle!



On another note, if we want to get personal, Rex Reed needs to take a look in the mirror before he starts picking on someone else’s appearance.



Maybe he was a stud in his heyday, but the caterpillar eyebrows, Rudolph nose and his choice of accessories (yellow silk, bro? Really?) leave a bit to be desired. And by “a bit”, I mean this asshole – who is rather portly himself – is no prize piece.



As a final side note, Bridesmaid director and total sweetie Paul Feig took to Twitter to respond to Reed’s hateful diatribe, writing:

“For his catty and school bully name-calling of the supremely talented Melissa McCarthy, I cordially invite Mr. Rex Reed to go f**k himself.”

We agree.



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  • Fuck’s sake. Wouldn’t be surprised if this were the same guy who complained about Jennifer Lawrence’s “womanly body” for the Hunger Games film but kept mum about Liam Hemsworth muscles. Why are people so full of hate?

  • Can you make the “a story in gifs” thing a regular Sunday thing? Love it.

    I’m not surprised at this asshole’s remarks. All anybody focuses on these days is appearance, appearance, appearance. Heaven forbid a fat woman be happy with herself and not spend her entire existence apologising to the world for her fatness.

    I adore Melissa McCarthy. I think she’s hilarious and a great actress and – shocker!- beautiful. Gilmore Girls is my #1 4lief and I will love her eternally just because of her role in it. Interestingly enough, her cousin Jenny, a thin, blonde, big knockered lady is stupid as hell, untalented and desperate, both in looks and in personality. Interesting, that.

  • I second Meh, the story in gifs needs to be a regular thing.

    I have to admit as a long time reader who has seen writers come and go, I rarely look to see who wrote what story on here (sorry but its true). After realizing that you were on your own, I did some scrolling back to see how long it had been just Jennifer posts and kudos Jennifer, you have been a busy girl and are doing a wonderful job!

  • I love Melissa McCarthy, she is hilarious and very talented.
    And it is incredibly sexist to make a freaking movie review about the sexiness of the female lead. People don’t give heavy talented actors / singers / entertainers the same criticism females get, because, obviously, a womans worth is entirely depending on how bangable she is.
    This is the same thing as people saying stuff like “It’s not ok to be as fat as Adele”, “It’s so unhealthy to be fat, and she is not a good role model” – well, guess what, it’s their fucking business, not yours, and they have to be ok with it, not your ignorant, shallow, sorry ass. It’s ok for talentless skinny women to jiggle their titties around, flaunt their cameltoes and shake their naked butts on television everyday, but a heavy women who has real talent and wears actual clothes? That is just way inappropriate and our children shouldn’t have to see something so traumatising.
    Gosh, I lose faith in humanity.

    And I LOVED this post, Jennifer. I agree with meh, spice up the slow sundays with stories in gifs on a regular basis.

  • Rex Reed is a bitter old queen who knows the only way to get any attention is to go full STUNT QUEEN and pull low class shit like this.

    People love Mellissa for her insane talent. All Reed has ever done with his life is nip at people like Mellissa’s heels. He’s at the end of his professional road and NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.

    Go gently into oblivion, Rex.

    • x2, Kas! It must be very difficult for an old, OLD ” stunt queen” to have to get up every morning and see an aged Bozo the Drag Queen Clown in the mirror. So, he’s all bitter, being irrelevant and ugly and stuff. General question, however: does the yellow hankie mean you’re into GETTING or GIVING golden showers?

  • Get ’em Jennifer! What a queef. I think the humungous creep should shove a female hippo cacophonously up his tractor-sized ass.

      • I’m sorry Chaz, I forgot the rules.. You’re the only one allowed with an opinion . Now go screw yourself little man.

      • Layover in Denver…. Junebug, everyone’s entitled to their opinion. My opinion, on the other hand, could and should be used for the benefit of future generations. My point is thus, in just about every post you make a comment about the celeb being a has been, or something you don’t like. Then say you won’t come back. Give Jennifer a fuckin break, she’s been running this alone and I’m sure there’s a learning curve involved. Let her settle in for Christs sake!

  • Dear Jennifer, I can’t imagine how much work and time goes into managing EB on your own and and I really like your style and dog, but… please, please, please, pleeeease let there be a Grammy review on the way…. Please?

  • ummmmm. is everyone here a big fat fatty?

    so sorry when people judge you bc it is OBVIOUS you don’t take care of your health.

    • Why is it your business if some stranger doesn’t take care of their health? It doesn’t affect you so why the hell would you care?

      • I totally agree with you, and I think that this focus on McCarthy’s weight is totally ridiculous. However, with that being the case, I also find it strange that it’s acceptable to bitch about models being too skinny/photoshopped because it causes body image issues. If someone else’s body doesn’t affect anyone else, then why do people get so up in arms about very skinny people being in the limelight? This is not in any way a criticism of you, by the way, just something that your comment made me think of…any thoughts?

      • True. I don’t want to be fat, but if that’s how someone else wants to live, so be it. It’s like if someone wants to smoke or do drugs. Kill yourself. I don’t care. Doesn’t bother me any.

    • Ashleigh, the point is that Rex is an idiot and really shouldn’t be judging ANYONE. Look up ” pot calling kettle black”.

    • I think the best trollers in this situation are your parents for spelling your name “ashleigh”. lulz.

  • There are a heck of a lot more people who know Melissa McCarthy both by name and face recognition than Rex whatever-his-name-is. And for good reason. I like cordial invites for people to f*ck themselves, it’s such a genuine screw you. Rees should crawl back under the rock from whence he came.

  • I love her! But umm…yeah, I always thought she & Adele resemble the hippo lady in those Madagascar cartoons. Don’t stone meh! I really like them both.

  • Again Chaz , screw you. You’ ve been a nightmare to more people than one this site . I’m entitled to a opinion without a little fuck like you policing Me. Go away and quit stocking me.

  • Reed needs to shut his damn mouth. He reminds of that sicko Perez HIlton. He’s a vulgar creep and needs to ride off into the nether regions with Hilton. They both are suited for each other. Maybe they will bitch each other to death. We should be so lucky right?? No one except Mellisa’s family knows how, when or if she is caring for her weight or health. That’s between them and her..NOT Rex “bitter ass loser Queen” Reed. What a freak he is.