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Mariah Carey Live-Tweeted Her Valentine’s Day

Mariah Carey, she of crazy high notes and crazy low spirals, really wanted everyone to know that she was having an awesome Valentine’s Day. I, for one, am relieved. I don’t know if I would feel okay not knowing that she took a nice hot bubble bath.

bath tub mariah vday

Note the fine monogrammed towels. I would expect nothing less.

And then, hilariously, like a Saved By The Bell caper, her wacky dog jumped right in!

jill e bean

It's funny, because dogs don't take baths!


Uh, Mariah, who is taking these pictures?

Then, Mr. Nick Cannon brought Mariah a wall of balloons.

nick cannon

"Wow, thanks, this is really--oOOHH BUTTERFLIES!"


Naturally, a horse-drawn carriage ride was in order.

horse ride nyc mariah carey nick cannon

Mariah, again, who is taking these pictures??


Of course, no Valentine’s Day would be complete without a blurry photo from the POV of someone stalking Mariah Carey.

mariah carey valentine's day

Dream lover come rescue me. S.O.S.


I’m  just glad Twitter exists for this very reason. I hope they had a lovely evening and were home at a reasonable hour to spend rest of the cherished holiday with their one-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. And Jill E Beans the dog, that rascal!

What did everyone here do (or not do) yesterday? It’s possible one of us here was listening to the 1996 classic album, Falling Into You by Celine Dion. Who can say?

Via NY Daily News.

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  • I spent the day teaching foreign languages to primary school children and then went home to an empty flat and rewarded myself with some earrings because this is the first Valentine’s I have been alone after breaking up with my boyfriend of four years. I don’t care massively for V-day but it was a downer and I missed him. FUN TIMES.

  • I went to a hockey game.

    I pretend Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist. I hate it. My boyfriend bought me a cupcake, and it made me mad. Buy me a cupcake on a day when society isn’t making you feel some sort of obligation.

    Also, “Falling Into You” is solid. No shame.

  • I think it’s nice that they are still so in love and respect and cherish each other and post nice thoughts and pictures ,they are proud of their relationship and their nothing wrong with that :) good for them :) they could have been like Kim and kanye when he posted on how hard he just fucked Kim ,now that’s romantic !

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