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Someone Call 911: Adele Has Lost Her Damn Mind, Compliments Chris Brown

Remember how excited we all got when the above photo of Adele seemingly giving Chris Brown a piece of her mind during the Grammys hit the internet? Ah, those were the days. “Tell it, girl!” we thought to ourselves. “Give that asshole a hard time!” Adele became a feminist spearhead, putting that lying, misogynistic, homophobic, violent, worthless waste of space in his place. Justice was being served! Life was good!

Well, prepare to set your chin in your hands and exhale in that exasperated way that blows your bangs out of your face as you look to the heavens, because it turns out Adele wasn’t mad at Chris at all – she was actually complimenting him!

Uh, what in the hell was she complimenting him on? Let’s think of the possibilities here:

1. Chris, I have to say, your insistence on solving issues with your fists is astounding!
2. Wow, Chris, I’ve been a fan ever since I saw those photos of Rihanna’s beaten face!
3. Oh my God, it’s Chris Brown! Your hatred towards gay people is just inspiring.
4. Only Chris Brown could be sentenced to community service and try to get away with lying about having actually done it. Kudos!

I could go on and on, but my brain is going to eat itself if I keep talking about him.

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  • Maybe she has ” baby ” brain and wasn’t thinking clearly ? The thought of someone like Adele even giving Chris Brown the time of day, well its disheartening .

    • Even better than the gif – check out the brother behind Adele with the “oh no you didn’t just complement Chris Brown” face.

  • I’m torn on this – Adele doesn’t strike me as someone who’d endorse his behavious. I’m leaning more towards the idea she didn’t want to start a whole hate campaign and copped out by taking off the heat, which obviously backfired. What do you think?

  • Why do people expect so much from Adele anyway? Just because she doesn’t lip sync doesn’t mean she’s wise beyond her years or something.

  • I think Adele has a kind heart and probably wants to be pleasant to everyone she meets.
    I also think that part of that is not slapping judgments on people.
    Remember, Adele was busy busting her ass making a name for herself in London when all the stuff went down with those two. Sure, she probably has heard about it, but she definitely does not seem like the kind of person to slap judgements on people based on what little she knows or has heard. Besides, unless she is a close friend (see Katy Perry) what can she say really if Rihanna has taken Chris back?
    Also, one thing about Brits-they have a much greater sense of and respect for personal boundaries than Americans do.
    It’s touching, in a way-I am sure that Chris is a) so used to getting slammed, and b) so unaccustomed to a person of the caliber of Adele treating him with civility-that he almost looks blindsided.
    If he starts to evolve, he deserves credit. I’m not sayin’ he’s anywhere near that yet, but being spoken to kindly by the beautiful and gracious Adele could be a turning point.
    We can always hope. We want Chris to improve, right-isn’t that the point?

  • PS: Not a fan of Chris or Rihanna, and certainly not of their reunion. However, I just carry the hope that anyone can be rehabilitated-the tricky part is how, of course. No examples at hand, unfortunately.