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Taylor Swift Doesn’t Chase Boys, Okay?

Taylor Swift gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to her dating life. Sure, she goes through relationships at what might seem like rapidfire pace, but she’s also in her early 20s, in the public eye and probably has no idea what she wants in life, hence all the dating to figure that out. Are some of her choices questionable? Sure, but are they any more questionable than half the men she’s involved with or any of her peers? Not hardly.

Anyway, since journalists can’t seem to think of anything more interesting to ask her about during interviews, TSwift tried to set the record straight on her approach to romance in a new interview with Elle (via Gossip Cop):

“I’m sure if I looked up the latest Google Alerts rumor it would say I’m chasing somebody who doesn’t like me as much as I like him – people love that angle on me,” says the singer.

Swift continues, “They’re like ‘Oh Taylor, coming on too strong again, chasing boys.’ I never chase boys. They don’t like it!”

The songstress does concede, however, that her relationships do provide excellent musical fodder – but to her, that’s nothing new.

“To me it’s just writing songs the way I always have. It’s me sitting on my bed feeling pain I didn’t understand, writing a song and understanding it better,” says Swift.

Okay, a few things here. Are her songs shitty? Eh, that’s debatable. I personally think she writes some serious ear worms that – while they don’t offer much in the way of deep philosophy – seem honest to her own experience and view of the world. They’re fun to listen to – if I wanted class, I’d put on Beethoven. But the fact that people give her a hard time for writing songs about people she’s dated makes no sense. What do you think every single pop song ever written is about? Just because you may not know who ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ or ‘Someone Like You’ is about doesn’t make that any less true.

Secondly, and I hate to get on my feminist high horse again here, but why is Taylor’s revolving door of suitors any different than, say, Harry Styles’ – who, by the way, has probably had 10x the amount of women in his life and possibly bed in the past year than Taylor has in her life? Oh, right, I forgot – it’s because she’s a woman. Men do that, it’s biological, that’s just how they are because penises are monsters with minds of their own and men can’t be held accountable for what they do with them. Give me a break. If men received half the shit for their relationships as women did, well, we’d all have to question whether we were living in a parallel universe and how we were going to get back to real life, because it would never happen. Sorry, EB bros – you have to admit society is totally like that.

Sure, I don’t give a rat’s ass about who Taylor Swift is dating and wish she’d shut up about it, but I also wish the press would. Things are only stories when we make them so.

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  • I don’t give a crap how many people she dates, sleeps with, blows, etc. I care about the fact that she makes what in my opinion is god awful music that I find myself subjected to in my day to day life. Shopping for shampoo? LISTEN TO THIS TAYLOR SWIFT SONG. In line at the post office? LISTEN TO THIS TAYLOR SWIFT SONG. C’mon, world.

      • HAAAAA totally. Shoved down our throats & in our eyes & ears & up every hole known to man! Tired of it. Bo bo bo BORING to the max.

      • Yes! This^^^! Who in their mid-twenties talks about “boys”? It reminds me of that family guy clip of Meg’s friends “stickers! And ponies! And MySpace dot com!!!!” I’m only a year older than her and haven’t wanted anything to do with “boys” for roughly 12 years.

  • Everything about her and her music is annoying and juvenile. I can’t believe you are letting her off the hook for being shamefully needy, totally shallow and clueless about life, and worst of all, a purveyor of faux-art.

    • By the way, on the clueless front, Harry Styles is gay. There’s very convincing pictoral evidence, some of which even appeared on this site.

  • I’m with you on this Jennifer. Me, and most people who are my age are doing the same with regards to relationships as Taylor is.

    Except we don’t write songs that earn us several million dollars when it all goes wrong. Instead we get drunk on cheap alcohol, ask too many strangers their opinion on the situation then cry into a take out pizza box. You know, the traditional way of getting over things.

    • I’m 23 (so is Taylor Swift), and most of the people I know that are incredibly consumed by their love lives (or lack there of) are about 18-19. Me and my closest friends have been a lot more worried about rent, money, jobs, and our careers for quite some time now. It’s a different situation though, I work two jobs just to keep up with my rent, buy groceries and maybe a couple of drinks every now and then.

      So no, hers is not every 20something’s situation, just as mine isn’t either, which anyway is completely irrelevant since current momentary situations should not be used to approve or disapprove of a person’s behavior.

      Still yeah, if all of my financial issues were taken care of, then yeah my focus would probably be on the things I was missing, like a boyfriend (Although maybe i wouldn’t think every hook up was a transcendent life changing event as she seems to do sometimes. But I wouldn’t know since I’ve been in a relationship for quite a bit now).

  • finally, im so glad there are new writers, i just might have my faith restored in this site again. that is the most mature stance on this subject ive seen, and it was so disappointing to see the old writer(s?) hop on the “blah everything about her, except for her clothes, is stupid” bandwagon. i dont like her music either, but its no different than, as you said, any other pop songs. it is baffling that people dont seem to want to accept that, they would rather just have something to “hate” on together…i guess.

  • I agree with anonymous… I have hated the writers ever since Sasha left. She was a great writer with solid, grounded, humorous opinions/observations. I’m beyond glad that the writers after her, who shall not be named, are gone and that I actually want to read the articles again instead of just looking at the pictures. Thank you for that!

  • Jennifer: You’re excellent. What a refreshing viewpoint on a matter that, I think, has been blown completely out of proportion on this site and others.

  • It’s a refreshing viewpoint and I agree about the fact that blokes should be subject to the same criticism as women (or both be equally free from criticism) if they’re essentially operating a revolving door policy with their love lives.
    Having said that, it’s not the fact that she’s dated so many people that’s the issue in my eyes. It’s the fact she thinks every time a guy looks at her, it’s the start of “true love” then she bitches and cries when it ends after no time at all, and sits there wondering why her heart got broken. Maybe if she had a little more emotional integrity and sense, it wouldn’t happen so often. But no, far easier to blame the guys she dates than actually take some time for self-reflection.

    Also, she needs to stop talking about “boys”. Miss Swift, you are 23, not 13. Act like it.

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