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So, Mark Wahlberg Was Kind of Drunk During an Interview

Mark Wahlberg was promoting his upcoming film Broken City on the UK’s  The Graham Norton Show on Friday night, but something in the water wasn’t clean. Or, well, it wasn’t water, because the Funky Bunch’s frontman seemed a little less than sober. The highlight of the appearance had to be a very flushed Mark sitting on Graham’s lap while playing with his nipples. And by “highlight” I mean “uncomfortable event I will never unsee”.

Sarah Silverman was also on the episode, and you know shit is going down when Sarah Silverman comes off the most normal. Michael Fassbender was there, too, but he’s a bit of a non-entity (and I say that having actually seen Shame), so that’s that.

Check out part of Mark’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show below. What do we think – hitting the bottle?

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