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Marky Mark Gets a Star

Mark Wahlberg Gets a Walk of Fame Star

Damn. Time is wild, when you think about it. I mean, there was no way we could have ever predicted that the pants-dropping white rapper from Boston would one day grow up to be a credible actor and producer. In a way, Mark Wahlberg getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is inspirational to hacky performers and D-listers everywhere. Ke$ha, one day you could be one of the most powerful movie executives in Hollywood. Nicky Hilton, one day your name could be next to Capra and Scorsese on a short list of the best directors of all time. Guys, before we die, do you realize that we could see Justin Bieber win an Oscar for Best Song? Or even Best Supporting Actor?

Hollywood, man. You are one crunk bitch.

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