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Prince Releases New Track ‘Breakfast Can Wait’, Remains… Bizarrely Sexy?

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I mean, Prince isn’t sexy to me, really, but I can see how he would be to other people. Whenever I look at him, I just think of Charlie Murphy’s reminiscence about playing basketball with him and eating pancakes at his house, so I kind of can’t take him seriously. Musically, though? FIRE. He’s like the lovechild of Sade and Elvis Presley even though he’s kinda been around for ages and that analogy doesn’t even make sense. Just go with it, okay? Get lost in Prince’s eyes.

For the last entry of the day, I figured we’d take it down a notch and give Prince’s new song, ‘Breakfast Can Wait’, a listen. Prince feels himself so hard that he’s sure you’d rather stay between the sheets with him than walk down to Dunkin’ Donuts for a large iced turbo, no sugar and a sausage, egg and cheese croissant. Sorry, bro, that’s a no brainer for me in the other direction – I’m going for my coffee.

Anyway, Prince hasn’t released new music since 2010 but another one should be coming. Let’s just hope it’s released in stores and online, and no just in your special edition of The Mirror. In the meantime, have a listen to ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ – what do we think?

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  • I agree, he’s really tiny. Like if I tried to have sex with him I’d break his spine.

    Great music though.

  • He’s so freakin’ hot. Also, f*ck you for being so close to a Dunkin’ Donuts. I want to go to there, like, now.

    • I’m not, really! Not at the moment, anyway -I’m not even in the country! When I get back to the east coast, though, believe me DD will be one of my first stops.

      • Still jealous. I haven’t had Dunkin’ Donuts since my last visit to the East Coast, which was three years ago! In fact, there isn’t a decent donut shop anywhere in Boulder (you have to go to the grocery store or 7-Eleven if you want donuts). And I miss their amazing coffee drinks! My stomach is rumbling now…

  • This .gif is from the movie “Under the Cherry Moon”, voted by Playboy magazine as the best worse movie of all time. It’s amazingly bad and it’s all Prince… written by Prince, starring Prince, music by Prince, etc… it’s definitely a must have for your collection!

  • The video is gone from Y-tube.

    Haven’t you guys learned yet that Y-tbe is the worst site to post videos, esp. ones that deal with entertainment?