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Stache + Six Pack + Photoshop = Disaster

David Beckham photos, pictures

David Beckham is the guy who, thanks to his divine body, magically popularized the game of soccer in the States among women and men alike.  Women want to do him, men want to be like him and hell, even some men want to do him, too!  Beckham is also probably the only guy in the world who finds Victoria Beckham to be talented in any other than the procreative sense, but this only speaks well of him.  In a business where marriages have the average expiration date of a dairy product*, Becks and Vicky have been together since 1997, and their relationship has not curdled a bit.  Quite on the contrary – they keep making good looking babies and naming them with adorable names (come on, Harper is such a great literary reference, and she is SO cute!), and they still seem to genuinely love each other.

Yes, David Beckham is an impossibly hot, fit and successful guy with no real vices that we know of (except maybe the fact that he’s partial to tacky and excessive tattoos), and nothing can take that away from him… almost.

The major perk of being so attractive is that you get to be 30 feet tall on billboards across the globe (that’s, what, like a 5 foot fancy-underwear-adorned-junk right there), but the downside is that you leave yourself in the hands of supposedly professional photographers and stylists who, instead of making you look even better, go ahead and photoshop the very last breath out of you.

I’ll leave you with these images of David Beckham from his 2013 H&M underwear campaign, but before I go, I must apologize on behalf of all photographers for this atrocity.  The stache, however, I am not responsible for…

Oh, and in case you are wondering, this is how I prefer my Beckham: fresh-faced and grungy kind of cute.

David Beckham photos, pictures

Images courtesy of H&M via TooFab

* I totally borrowed that expression from Carrie Bradshaw.

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  • Bobby, the format keeps on messing up. The first paragraph is all one or two sizes smaller than the second one. Just a heads up!

    • Really , who cares I think everyone is looking at the pictures not taking writing lessons ! Just enough the pictures :) I’m not crazy about him but you can’t take away that he has a incredible body !

  • Really, who cares I think everyone is looking at the pictures not taking writing lessons ! Just ENJOY the pictures :) I’m not crazy about him but you can’t take away that he has a incredible body ! I corrected the wrong word so someone wouldn’t feel the need to point it out :)

    • Julia, mireee was just saying the format of the page is janky…. She wasn’t giving pointers on writing.

    • Every time you repeat that you sound dingy. Go find a People magazine, I heard those are like, only 2% words.

      • This is exactly what I mean . Are you people proud on how you treat people . It makes me sick . Is this the sight where all the angry people go ? Just relax people let people be who they are ! Tara was this necessary ? Do you feel better ? Why so angry ? Maybe you should talk to someone about your issues . Why did you feel the need to judge someone who probably don’t even know , to make your self feel better ? I hope it worked

      • Tara, there are more than 11 million igits on the web! Sadly, I think we will have to be content sniping them one at a time, without really decreasing their numbers.

  • I’ve been reading this sight for months and haven’t wanted to chime in because some people are so nasty “Chaz” :( people can’t say the littlest thing without someone ripping them a new one . Why can’t people just be nice instead of nasty especially because someone said she could careless about some stupid format and she was just saying it could say anything and no one would care because the guy is hot :) people take things to serious ! By the way who mireee to point out a ” format” . Most people just write for fun . People just need to relax theirs more important things in this world . I hope I didn’t step on your toes Julia it just makes me mad that people are so nasty over the littlest things . What’s the big deal people need to learn how to treat each other . Julia was clearly being funny she even rewrote it as a joke . I’m done with this sight :( people hide behind their computers to be mean to people :( chow .

    • I really went out of my way to not be a smartass on this one. But since you’ve opened the door, let me elaborate.
      1. Format isn’t the writing, mireee was talking about the size of the print on the post. It kept changing.
      2. It’s site, not sight
      3. It’s care less, not careless
      4. It’s there’s, not theirs
      5. It’s ciao, not chow
      Don’t let the door hit young the gitch on the way out!

      • The more you talk the more I prove my point you are just a nasty nasty person for no reason :( do you feel better now ? This a web site for fun not to treat people like crap :( why do you feel the need ? Get a grip and they do make meds for people like you and you should do the world a favor and take some so we don’t have to listen to all the negative things you say to people :(

      • Chaz, you seriously made me LOL.

        DSJ/Julia, mireee was just letting the bloggers know their formatting is messed up because they obviously would want to know that sort of thing. She wasn’t even slightly rude. You should probably take a shower to get all that sand out of your vagina.

    • Oh God I pointed out the format because it was talked about on another post, you fucktrumpet. Shut up, seriously.

  • I appreciate everything you said and thanks but I’m a big girl and I have thick skin and some people are just rude and that’s it ! Some people take this site serious I just do it for fun it’s not my life ! In not on here to put anyone down and I was just joking on the format thing but if people what I reason to be rude to someone then they will read into anything :( enough is enough !

  • Yah I call out writers when they fuck up because this is their JOB and therefore should be done correctly.

    And little miss that posted six times about how nobody reads (tee hee) and didn’t understand the original point just needed to be told. If she wants to have her posts read in my head in a helium voice with a vapid giggle punctuating every other word….then she can continue to insist that people don’t read. But the point of this site is the reading.

    Some people don’t understand how they come off, maybe she thinks she is being cute and adorable. But she sounds like she has a brain injury.

  • Really , all of this over some stupid post that sounds like it was suppose to be a joke . You people need to get a life :) by the way you sound like a fucking idiot for the way you talk and treat people :) by the way their must be something wrong with your head because normal people don’t get this mean and nasty over a post :)

  • ENOUGH !!!! I didn’t mean anything by my post it was a joke !!!! Sorry if you think I’m stupid , brain damaged what ever else you have to say bad I was just appreciating pictures of a good looking guy !!!!! That’s it !!!! What is wrong with people !!! No need to be so nasty !!!!!! Lighten up !!!!!! Really not that serious to sit here and bash people !!!!!

    • So, you’re saying it’s ok for us to bash celebrities, including yourself, however when someone directs a reply towards you, you take offense? Pot, meet kettle.

    • And I was just giving the writer a heads up because the format has been mentioned before, and if you want your business (and this blog is a business because this blog makes money) to grow, the page has look professional — different fonts that mess up posts don’t look professional. I knew the writers would appreciate it. Can’t believe I have to explain it.