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Mischa Barton is Fine, Thankyouverymuch

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Well, well, look who’s turned up!  It’s Mischa Barton, guys!  The last time we saw Mischa, she didn’t look so swell. Before that, there was a long and odd descent into obscurity via high-cut pants and home bleached hair, because really, Mischa Barton is the celebrity proto-hipster.

But she looks good here, no?  Healthy-like.  I’m actually quite fond of her, although I am not entirely sure why exactly.  How do you guys feel about Mischa Barton?  And most importantly, what’s with the nonchalant pose-striking at gas stations?  I have the feeling that homegirl missed the limelight even more than we missed her, but I am also glad that she didn’t die from self-inflicted lung disease.

Images courtesy of FameFlynet via The Daily Mail

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  • Are we sure this is her? There’s something weird going on with her face. Not bad weird, just un-Misha-like. Overly sculpted cheekbones, maybe?

  • Forever jealous of her because she got to kiss Ben McKenzie. I think he’s so handsome, love him on Southland.

  • She looks great – just saw a trailer for a new romance movie she has coming out, I Will Follow You Into the Dark – looks kinda amazing

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  • you know what I think Mischa Barton should be in south land so it will be like the oc. Then they should cast her as a love interest of Ben McKenzie