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Keira Knightley Doesn’t Know What Success Means

My feelings towards Keira Knightley can be described with no words and one action: a giant shrug. I mean, she’s okay, I guess? Bend It Like Beckham was pretty good, as was Never Let Me Go… and she was in Love, Actually, which makes me cry every Christmas, so I suppose that counts for something. She’s got the body of a walking clothes hanger (therefore she looks good in mostly anything) and she doesn’t grate on my nerves like lots of other stars, so we’ll just say she’s alright.

Anyway, Knightley – who “won’t be defined by objects”, whatever that means – has done a new interview with Marie Claire in which she admits that she’s not quite sure what success is, but she knows not to put too much weight on her career, regardless of how well it’s going:

“I’m not sure I can define success,” she ponders. “I think if I get to the end of my life having hurt as few people as possible, I will be happy, making sure that the people who mean the most to me know they’ve been loved. Success in work, whatever work, will come and go.”

A bit smarmy, perhaps, but very true.

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  • Shrug indeed. What she’s saying is praise-worthy but at the same time it sounds like every other generic celebrity interview, esp. the bit about success coming and going… Can’t count how many times I’ve heard it.

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