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Caption This: Last Week’s Winners and This Week’s Photo!

Did you enter last week’s Caption This contest? If so, you may have won some free shit! Check it out, and if you’re the winner, PLEASE check your email (or email me at the address to the right) or you’ll lose out on a prize! We’ll be choosing the winner for the above photo next Tuesday, so make sure to check back to find out who it is – and make sure you enter!

The winner on last week’s Justin Bieber photo:

Winner: Lindy

“Just keep smiling for the camera and the usher tickets are yours!”

Runner Up: J.R.

“Justin’s version of ‘tit for tat’.”

Congrats, Lindy! Now the rest of you – get captioning!

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  • Justin thinking: “Maybe just maybe one day i’ll be a real RocNation boy”

    Caption: “Here-ya go Mista Boss Man, sir”

    Jazy-Z thinking: “Haha Im Rich Biotch”

  • You know the economy sucks when Justin Timberlake has to not only hold his OWN umbrella, but share it as well.

  • Directing your attention to Guy in back: “yeah laugh it up Justin.. like that’s not my Real Fucking job the rest of the time.. asshole”

  • Something that’s been bothering me for a very long time now – could you add last week’s photo to the captions? It helps and I don’t have to jump back and forth. I realize it gives you more hits but it’s just inconvenient.