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Kristen Stewart Hates Everybody

A photo of Kristen Stewart

From the National Enquirer:

Kristen Stewart has explod­ed in a jealous rage at rival actresses Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as singer Katy Perry, sources told The ENQUIRER.

Now, a worried friend fears the “Twilight” sexpot is “losing her grip on reality.”

The 22-year-old troubled star is said to be having a confidence crisis.

And she has been telling pals she fears her career in Hollywood may be set to nosedive following last year’s cheating scandal when she got in­volved with married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders.

“Kristen’s feeling very sorry for her­self,” a friend told The ENQUIRER. “With the awards season underway, it’s hit her just how much her leading lady status has plummeted.

“Seeing Jennifer Lawrence be­ing worshipped on the red carpet, winning a Golden Globe and getting nominated for Oscars has really got­ten to her. She’s come out of nowhere and is getting the adulation that Kris­ten used to dream about.”

The “Hunger Games” actress, 22, who won a best comedy actress Golden Globe for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook,” is not the only ri­val to incur the wrath of the shamed star.

Even America’s sweetheart, Jen­nifer Aniston, 43, is in K-Stew’s line of fire. “Kristen’s always been a big fan of Aniston’s deadly rival Ange­lina Jolie and has never really rated Jen as an actress,” revealed another source. “She can’t understand why Jen manages to hog the headlines every time with very little effort.

“She’s not that talented as an ac­tress, nor is she the most beautiful. Kristen believes if it wasn’t for her bitter rivalry with Angelina, Jen would NOT be this fa­mous these days at all.”

Despite reassurances from boy­friend Robert Pattinson, Kristen is terrified her movie headlining days could be numbered. “She knew there would be a backlash from her cheat­ing scandal, but the scripts have definitely slowed down in landing on her doorstep,” said the insider.

The actress also hit the roof when “Men’s Health” magazine recently released its “Hottest Women of 2013” list and placed Jennifer Law­rence fourth while Kristen came in at No. 89. The poll was topped by singer Katy Perry.

“Kristen couldn’t believe that Katy Perry was No. 1 on that list,” said the insider. “She’s known Katy for years and doesn’t think she looks that hot, especially without her makeup.

“Kristen’s in a really dark place at the moment and Rob is worried about her.”

Now, obviously this isn’t 100% true. Kristen Stewart can’t possibly have this many feelings in general, let alone this many feelings about all these other famous ladies. It’s just not plausible. Personally, I think she sits at home, smokes weed, and looks at her feet. Just that, all day long. She might have enough emotion to giggle or something at a cartoon, but she doesn’t have enough to despise, like, three people. Let’s be realistic here.

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  • I can’t imagine on which planet Aniston is considered a K-Stew rival. She’s twice her age. And someone should remind her that JLaw is on her second Oscar nod and DOMINATING this awards season. As, far as I’m concerned, Lawrence should be a role model – maybe Kristen should ask her for some acting tips beyond lip-biting and vacant stares.

  • Kristen Stewart is a sexpot?! Wut??
    Also, if popularity is so important to her then why is she such a bitch in interviews? Actors that want to be well liked make an effort to do so.

  • Kristen Stewart hates everybody, right back at you, sourpuss. Find another director to mess around with, maybe that will get you a Oscar nod and you can quit worrying about what the other actresses are doing.

  • Kristen Stewart is annoying, and Im a guy who feels this way. If she makes me cringe I can only imagine what she makes other women feel. I dont find her attractive, and se is classless as they come. All her fans consist of little girls wh will outgrow this Twilight garbage. Stephanie Meyer should be hung and shot for writing such a stupid story, and having little dumb girls believe they are capable of falling in love with Vampires. Reality is very distorted for young women nowadays, and Kristen has the personality of a wooden chair (which by the way is more useful, and talented). When willl morons realize this bitch has no talent and quit giving us a headache. her twidork fans will not watch her in anything else, and are too young to watch the stupid work shes been doing now considering shes been doing nudity. Kristen thinks to be a great actress she has to bare it all. Now I know officially she is brain dead from the weed. R-Patz is a great guy blinded by this witch whom he’ll realize he only was infatuated with the sex, and not her “personality”. Keep cursing Kristen. You think thats cool, but unfortunately you prove to everyone your IQ is surely lower then your jeans size.

  • Jealous rage! Give me a freaking break. If a man states an opinion about another guy or a girl, you never hear anyone assuming they do it out of jealousy. Being famous and if she knows that what she states with regards of opinions will be public to the world, she is probably better off not to speak out. However if it was in a private setting or spoken to just a few individuals, it’s a whole different issue. I’m sure there are celebrities she would be more prone to be jealous off than the celebrities mentioned. So to say it is jealousy is quite absurd.