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But How Bad Was Anne Hathaway’s SAG Award Acceptance Speech?

No, I know; it wasn’t bad, actually. It was pretty heartfelt, it seemed, and she didn’t even come across as smug and deserving, like I originally said earlier, over the weekend. She came across as breathless, and nervous, and excited, and while I’m not going to go ahead and say that she deserved the award (because can you believe it—I still haven’t seen ‘Les Miserables’ yet), she definitely wasn’t as obnoxious as I thought she might be when I first heard that she’d won.

But hey—don’t go and get any silly ideas, Anne Hathaway. Your SAG award speech wasn’t all that bad, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to go and like you or anything. I just don’t have any thing negative to say this time around, alright? Fair?

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  • Unfortunately for Anne…she comes across as WAY too inauthentic and ‘actressy’ — even her breathlessness seems studied. Too bad because she is a great actress but the reason we like award shows is to see actors and actresses in as ‘real’ a situation as possible. Even though an award show is hardly real – but take Tina Fey versus Anne H. The difference is right there.

  • I’m glad someone else dislikes her as much as I do. She just makes me want to slap her, every time.

  • Make no mistake…she practiced that “breathless, and nervous, and excited” reaction in the mirror about 95 times before the show. This chick is so rehearsed it is pathetic.

  • She came off as classless for not acknowledging the other nominees.

    On the other hand, Ben Affleck’s comment about being in DDL’s radiation was very funny.

  • There is nothing about her I like. I saw Les Mis and although she did fine with that one song, she wasn’t special for her other parts. Surely there’s some other supporting actress who was great in a film for more than three and a half minutes that’s deserving of this???

  • “MY cast”??? So everyone showed up to work just to make AnnE shine?

    This bitch is so not a team player. It is always about HER. Can’t stand the narcissistic, over-rehearsed, inauthentic bitch. I wonder if her new husband is now wondering wtf he got himself into.

  • She’s so irritating, I totally agree about the breathless part, WTF is wrong with her? What was the whole part with mentioning she’s glad she has dental?

    The Lincoln guy was also such a bore up on stage. Get the hook already.