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Love It or Leave It: Another Emma Watson Ad

A photo of Emma Watson

Hey, do you remember the last time I showed you one of Emma Watson‘s Lancome ads? I really liked it, but a couple of you guys didn’t (and, by the way, there was a comment that I didn’t see from someone who was kind of bitchy because she thought that I thought that I could buy this makeup and look just like Emma Watson, because I’m dumb enough to think that makeup is magic that can make me look just like a thin, beautiful celebrity. LOL! Also, she knew I was a theatre major in college – you guys know me! – and she was bitchily confused about how I don’t know a lot about street makeup. LOL again! I can do shadows and contours and aging makeup and fantasy makeup, I can make a mold of my own face to make a mask and do stage makeup on that, but that doesn’t mean I know if Lancome lipstick is good or not. Is this too catty a tangent? Whatevs). But now there’s a new one! So let’s talk about that.

This ad is for Lancome’s Blanc Expert, which is a dark spot corrector. Emma here looks pretty good, but I don’t really think she had any dark spots in the first place, so that’s something to take into consideration. The packaging of the product is also pretty sleek, which is something I like to take into consideration.

I’m going to be real though: it took me a minute to notice what the ad was for and then to actually look at her skin, because all I could see was her hair. That hair. I’m not going to judge, because I remember that awful place of growing out super short hair, but this is just … I just can’t with this hair. Couldn’t they have done some strategic pinning so that she didn’t have a mullet? Is there some sort of chic mullet trend that I’ve never heard about? What’s going on here? And what’s more, does she actually kind of pull it off?

While we’re here, I have one more question for you: can you tell me of a lipstick, any lipstick at all, that will actually stay on my face without constant reapplications? I feel like stepping up my game, but everything I’ve tried so far has let me down. Any suggestions?

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  • LOVE. IT.

    But I agree with you about the hair. Don’t tell anyone, though, because even I would kill me for saying so.

    Her hair here reminds me of Tilda Swinton. Not Tilda Swinton’s hair, specifically. Of Tilda Swinton herself.

  • Since reading some wild conspiracy theory 4 years ago about Emma Watson being a Reptilian Shape-shifter – I just get so distracted when I see photographs of her. Of course I don’t really believe that but my imagination goes wild searching for “evidence” when I see her. LOL. Pretty? I don’t know. . . . :D

  • I highly doubt Emma Watson need this product unless she has crazy acne scars or something – they are using her because she has very light (and flawless) skin, which appeals to the Asian market, where this kind of product is most popular.

    As for the lipstick – Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar

  • Aren’t dark spot creams geared specifically towards middle-aged women? Young women like Emma Watson don’t have any :S as for lipstick application, what you need to do is dab a bit of lip balm on your bare lips, then apply lip liner on your lip contour AND lips. Fill them in. Then apply lipstick, pat a bit of paper on the lips and apply another layer. Lipstick will stay on a lot more. Brand-wise, I like Lina Bocardi, which is a Spanish-Italian brand so you may not be able to get it in the US. However, I also have an YSL lipstick and a RIMMEL London one and with the lip liner trick the pigment stays on rather nicely!

  • just commenting on the lipstick part!! i agree with mireee…line the whole lip-but as for a specific lipstick try any of the matte lipsticks from M.A.C. I have a few and they last all day if you use liner, lipstick, blot, then another coat of lipstick! (they tend to be a little drying though-so use a good balm before and after) Also-try a lip primer along with it (before the liner). Hope this helps :)

  • I swear all that photoshopping has made her look like a 40 year old (albeit an attractive one)

    I dot think her hair looks too bad but her hair line is all weird :/

  • I second the Lip Tar, if you’re going for bold and bright. YSL makes a glossy stain that is super expensive, but really does stay on, and isn’t blotchy the way other stains are. I have the 2 coral colours, and the lighter of the 2 is a good “normal” colour.

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