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Love It or Leave It: Emma Watson’s New Lancome Ad

A photo of Emma Watson

God, Emma Watson is so pretty. It’s odd because Hermione Granger was supposed to be a sort of plain girl with bushy hair and messed up teeth, so I get really confused when I see her, because she’s so pretty. And this new Lancome ad is, as they say, off the hook.

The ad is for their new collection for spring called In Love, and it’s pretty wonderful. I believe this is the first makeup ad I’ve ever seen that made me actually want to buy makeup too, so well done, guys. I especially love the lipstick. Am I right in coveting it, or does it just look so good because Emma’s wearing it? Can I take this ad to Ulta and say “give me all of these things”? Makeup is hard.

But this girl is so, so pretty.

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  • You like the makeup, really? I was actually thinking how dodgy it is. Awkward.
    Still, I agree that she’s a very beautiful woman.

  • Makeup isn’t scary. Thinking you could bring this picture to a store or makeup artist and get anywhere near the same result is…makeup enhances what you have, it doesn’t change your genetics.
    Cosmetics will always seem daunting if the user has unrealistic expectations of the outcome. Plus, weren’t you a theatre major? How could anyone in that field be clueless or scared of makeup? Really?

  • The makeup is 80s, including the terrible placement of the blush. Emma has a wholesome look that would go better with Neutrogena or Almay.

  • Emma is just as gorgeous on the inside as on the outside.
    A truly delightful young lady.
    Attitude really does make a lot of difference … maybe people need to think about that!

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