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Love It or Leave It: Matthew McConaughey Goes Grey

photo of matthew mcconaughey sundance pictures
Oh man, doesn’t Matthew McConaughey look so, so much better with skin and fat cells? Because seriously, Matthew McConaughey looks so, so much better with skin and fat cells—there’s just no denying it. I’m really relieved that his method acting for ‘The Dallas Buyer’s Club’ has finally come to an end, and now he can start putting weight back on and looking even more normal. Good things happening all around here.

This is Matthew at the Sundance Film Festival over the weekend, and not only is he looking healthier, he’s looking more real, too. No more fake gold hairlets growing from atop his skull—no, Matthew went and cut his hair and what was left over? Well, a whole lot of grey, and I have to say: it totally suits him and makes him hotter. Now, boy, if he’d just go on and put on another twenty or thirty or forty pounds, he’d be, like, all sorts of ohmygod-kind of gorgeous.

Love it or leave it: Matthew McConaughey’s return to his roots?

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