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Now Would Be a Good Time for Matthew McConaughey to Stop This Drastic Weight-Loss Thing

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Because oh my God does he look terrible. My formerly-hot, super-awesome, buff-ass Matthew McConaughey has been reduced to skin and bones. He’s positively skeletal.

Emily told you guys weeks back that Matthew was losing a bunch of weight for a movie role he’s taking on, a film wherein he plays an AIDS patient seeking life-saving drugs from Mexico, and even then he looked kind of bad-ish. Now? He looks dead. Honestly, I can understand the whole “method acting” thing, though I think Shia LaBeouf probably poisoned that term for us wholly, but Matthew needs to take a step back on this and really assess what this role might be doing to his health.

Honestly, what’s he even doing with his hand? What is that? Is that loss of muscle control all together? Is Matthew so emaciated that he’s just out in public, flailing all over the place because he has no pull over his own body anymore?


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  • ^Actually he bulked up for American Psycho right afterward. But even though Matthew McIcanneverspellit is losing all this weight for the role, he doesn’t have the same acting chops as Christian Bale . . . does he? I mean, I don’t think he does, but am I misjudging? If you’re a bad actor, all the method in the world won’t help you.

  • Or not. . . I guess I’m wrong there. But Mary Herron was talking about the physical challenges on the American Psycho director’s commentary? I’m confused.

    • Yeah, I was gonna say. American Psycho came out four years before the Machinist! But I know Christian Bale did have to get crazy in shape for American Psycho, so there was probably some bulking up that he had to do for that one, too.

  • jey matthew look in the mirror and then maybe you will eat, moneys not worth that……. gotta take care of yourself……..

    get the weight back on….. please