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Naomi Campbell’s Assault Story Keeps Changing

photo of naomi campbell in a wheelchair pictures
From Page Six:

After we reported Naomi Campbell was attacked by Paris muggers who injured her leg, the supermodel addressed the incident at a Television Critics Association press conference yesterday.

“I had an injury of my knee and I am on the mend. I cannot discuss any further as there is an investigation,” Campbell said while promoting her upcoming series, “The Face,” in LA. Campbell was attacked by thugs in November as she tried to get into a car, Page Six reported exclusively last week, and suffered what’s suspected to be a torn ligament. The beauty has recently been seen without a wheelchair, but wearing flat shoes rather than heels.

But wait. Wait. Because I thought that there was no investigation, because there was no report made? Didn’t French law enforcement officials all agree that none of them knew anything about a gorgeous, British, model citizen (ha, see what I did there?) being attacked on the streets of Paris while hailing a cab like a … well, like some common person? Wasn’t it altogether determined that Naomi wasn’t pressing charges in the incident, because she didn’t know who had attacked her, and really, wanted to keep it all kind of private anyhow?

Gosh, it just confuses the hell out of me when stories like this evolve and evolve and evolve. Next thing we’ll be hearing is something about a phone actually causing the injury. Maybe it’ll be that there was a cord or something that Naomi was ultimately tripped by or over, or something. Who knows.

Stay well, girl!

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