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Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Lawrence as The World’s Most Desirable Woman

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence

Yes. Love it. Love to pieces. Love it enough to buy three copies of this issue when it’s released: one to look at, one to cut up into a collage for my Jennifer Lawrence shrine, and one to store and keep forever. I. Love. It.

She’s just … I don’t even know. She’s amazing. She’s so, so beautiful and sexy and funny, and she’s SO talented. It gives me so much hope for the world that a girl as awesome as Jennifer wins these kinds of titles, because even though they’re pointless, at least now they’re pointless with good taste.

We don’t have much of the interview yet, but we do know that Jennifer said that “I love filmmaking. I love acting but I don’t feel married to just being in front of the camera,” and also that “I’m a nomad. I just looked in New York and I was looking in LA and I can’t figure out where I want to live.” That’s interesting*, right? Ok, not so much, but how great would it be to see a movie directed by this girl? Or written, even, wouldn’t that be neat? I don’t know, I can’t see for all the hearts in my eyes.

I’ll put the rest of the pictures in the gallery, but here’s another preview:

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence


*Hey, I’m going to ask you some questions now, ok? My dude and I want to move – not right this very second, but we do want to relocate. We’re looking for someplace really warm near the ocean, and somewhere where the cost of living isn’t astronomical. Also somewhere with neat theatre. Any suggestions? Right now we’re looking at Savannah, Georgia. Please help me choose my path in life.

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  • I have been visting Savannah for over 15 years several times a year. I love it. It is artsy, warm most of the year, lots of history, great architecture, visitors from all over the world and if you listen to the locals… haunted. You will love it— pretty much halfway between NYC and Key West. A quick jaunt to Europe, the islands or Miami.

    • From the little bit I read, it looked like the cost of living was quite a bit higher than Savannah? I might be completely wrong though, but Charleston is definitely on the list of awesome places where I would love to live. I visited a few years ago and it was so lovely!

    • That’s on the list too! I need to check it out more, but I think that might end up being our honeymoon place. My boyfriend wants to go there basically more than anywhere else in the country, and I think it looks pretty amazing as well. Now I need to look at more pictures!

      • It’s definitely the most amazing place you’ll ever go. :) I’d love to move there myself, and I may as well: I’ve probably been there at least eight times in the last three years, lol.

  • I live in SC (yuck!) I honestly believe that Charleston and Savannah are close to the same in terms of cost of living. You could move right outside each city and it would be very cheap, but inside the city will be pretty expensive. I’d choose Savannah any day though (you can drink in the streets whoo). Both have great history and are absolutely beautiful. If you’re looking for something warm and on the coast you won’t find any place better! Not to mention the best seafood on the east coast.

    • Thank you! I absolutely positively loved Charleston, and the seafood. Does Savannah have that same kind of historical picturesqueness with the pretty trees and everything? The pictures looked like it did. LOVED Charleston. So much.

  • Savannah is gorgeous! If you liked Charleston then I’m positive you’ll find it just as picturesque with the exception that Charleston has a beach-ier feel to it since its right on the coast. Both have incredibly rich history if you’re into the colonial era. Savannah is full of old (though renovated) historical architecture and oak trees with hanging spanish moss which is really breathtaking. If you don’t plan on moving there, I would definitely definitely visit or vacation!

  • I’d like to throw Northeast Florida out there if you’re considering Savannah. There’s a huge range of home prices/areas here from Fernandina Beach down to St Augustine, with Jacksonville in the middle. Its not all rednecky as the media would have you believe and the cost of living is quite reasonable. No state taxes either.

      • I’ve lived here my whole life. We have lots of transplants due to the two Navy bases as well as Marines. Many businesses set up operations specifically for the low cost of living and doing business. It is an interesting city in that the land mass is huge and we largely avoid our downtown (it needs revitilization badly) however the “suburbs” (which are still technically Jacksonville) are where all the shopping/nightlife/housing happen. Its easy to get to the beaches quickly and smack in the middle of Atlanta and Miami (6 hours either way). Its not as historic as, say, Charleston but St Augustine is less than an hour away and Savannah is a little longer. Have fun in your search!

      • My hometown, as well. I’ve lived in cities from Orlando to Little Rock to Nashville to Pittsburgh, and Jacksonville is the best place.