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6Happy New Year from J Woww’s Ass

photo of j woww ass new year's eve pictures
So Jersey Shore‘s J Woww and Snooki were tapped by MTV to host their New Year’s Eve celebration the other night, none other than J Woww’s grandma ass made an appearance, as you can see from the photo above.

In what can only be described as foreshadowing, J Woww had this to say about her then-upcoming stint as co-host of MTV’s Club NYE 2013:

“[I'm] preparing for a sh–show, basically. I’m trying to find that happy medium of not drunk but drunk… so not too drunk. Not like Snooki wasted but before that. Before my eyes start crossing and I can still read the teleprompter.”

Snooki, the show’s other host, had this to say:

“I’m still trying to get my body back form having a baby so I wanna make sure I have enough sparkle and enough bounce in my hair. I just wanna make sure I look good cause I know hosting with Jenni’s gonna be so much fun. I’m not worried about that but I just wanna make sure I look the part.”

In related news, J Woww is a rabid hose beast who wears dresses that are too short to live. Coincidence? I hardly think so.

Happy, happy New Year, everyone!

January 2, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Sarah

6 Responses to “Happy New Year from J Woww’s Ass”

  1. Cam S says:

    They’re called lunges & squats dear. You can do them while holding the tequila.

  2. Jess says:

    But what it really looks like it ass pads..

  3. P1LL says:

    She used to be so pretty just like LiLo .
    Now she is an oxygen thief like LiLo.

  4. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    dear gawd….dress for your body type, fool! a.k.a. longer dresses! AND panty hose! with support top! and/or spanx. cam made a valid point as well.

  5. Lola says:

    Cam’s comment made me spit chow mein on my computer! HaHa

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