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8Also, Snooki Got A New Tattoo

A photo of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

So yeah, that’s a leopard with wings wearing a crown. Does it have a beak? I don’t even know.

Here’s what Snooki had to say about it on her blog:

I haven’t mentioned or showed anyone besides Jionni this tattoo! I got this last week when we shot our final Jersey Shore reunion :( My fierce leopard tattoo. I wanted to get this because to me it represents being a strong independent woman, and obviously I love leopards/leopard print! The crown represents being a queen and being fabulous, and the wings represent everyone who has passed in my family. Anytime I can incorporate my loved ones who have passed, I do it! This tattoo also will always remind me of getting it while being in LA shooting our FINAL reunion of Jersey Shore. This tattoo was done by my one and only favorite artist in LA ,Bryce Oprandi, at the The Martlet Tattoo!

This is her sixth tattoo, and she said that every Monday, she’s going to be revealing another tattoo and the story behind it. And that’s how Monday just became my favorite day of the week.

January 2, 2013 at 11:30 am by Emily

8 Responses to “Also, Snooki Got A New Tattoo”

  1. Megan says:

    Ok, the tat is beyond tacky and in my opinion ugly as hell but she obviously put some thought in it. So, why not…
    If it makes her happy…

  2. MrsPatrickBateman says:

    I love tattoos but that one is horribly done. It looks really cheap and I would not be proud of it at all. Even the stick on tattoos have better details than that one does.

  3. Sarah says:

    Buckbeak. It’s totally Buckbeak.

  4. ATX says:

    Ugh am I going to have to be the first one to point out her AWFUL new set of teeth?

  5. mireee says:

    It looks like a gryph, but it isn’t. Ah, I don’t like it. I mean, the concept’s fine but it looks poorly executed.

  6. Mark Alen says:

    Hey mireee, i agree with you the way these people presented tattoos looks so add. I am big fan of tattoos and last week i had apply a tattoo on my knee

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