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Love It or Leave It: Sofia Vergara’s Swimsuit

photo of sofia vergara bathing suit pictures hot pic
So while some people (like me) love to celebrate the holidays in elastic-waist pants and knitted caps to conceal unwashed hair, some people (ahem, like Sofia Vergara) like to show people (like me) what it’s like to actually give a flying crap about what it means to look amazing all year round, and not just in the summertime, rum balls and eggnog be damned.

This is what Sofia Vergara’s wearing these days whilst frolicking in warm seas and chilling on yachts with her diamonds or whatever it is that she does, and got-damn, she does look good. I don’t even necessarily love the swimsuit, but because it’s on Sofia Vergara, it’s f-cking awesome. I’d have it, and I’d wear it, and if it weren’t for the fact that when I take all my clothes off these days, rum balls roll right out of my ass, I’d be rocking it right as we speak.

Sofia and her bathing suit: love it or leave it?

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