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Taylor Swift Is Getting Bored of Her Boyfriend of One Month

A photo of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift

I know, guys, I thought that this was The One, too. It hurts, doesn’t it? When there’s talk of such a power couple like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles splitting, it has a way of hurting all of us. The pain is too much to bear, but I’ll try to soldier on.

The issue, apparently, is that Taylor just doesn’t like hanging out with Harry. Or she likes hanging out with him when their mouths are occupied (I MEAN FRENCHING), but when it’s time to have an actual conversation, she just can’t take it. They just don’t have anything to talk about. And that’s why Taylor is “already thinking of moving on.”

You know, maybe they don’t have anything to talk about because Harry is an 18-year-old boy and Taylor is a crazy obsessed girlfriend, always. Maybe it’s because Taylor’s heart still hasn’t healed from her Kennedy. Maybe Taylor realizes that she hasn’t gotten nearly as much press about this relationship as she did with her last 18-year-old boyfriend, and she’s on the hunt for her next dude. I don’t know, I can’t say. The only thing I can really say for sure is UGH TAYLOR STOP.

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  • Imagine that. A boy-band member is actually not a spellbinding conversationalist. Who could have predicted? What were the odds of her finding someone more shallow than herself? I’ll bet even John Mayer had interesting things to say, even if they were all lies.

  • If she looked like Kat Von D, we wouldn’t think twice of her having f*ck buddies. She’s young so I say screw every cute guy you want just make sure he wears a condom and you are on back up birth control. Don’t want any mistakes like (if the blind items are true about Taylor) last time.

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