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22Rihanna Has a (New) Stupid Tattoo

photo of rihanna holding chris brown's hand instagram pictures
But I can’t show it to you here, because it’s directly on her buttocks. That’s right—Rihanna better hope her sweet ass never sags, because she went and got a pot leaf the size of the palm of her hand inked on her right asscheek. ‘Scuse me while I take a trip down memory lane and try to remember a time when it was cool to draw pot leaves all over the place (like the blacklight posters I had on my walls when I was seventeen), let alone got them branded on a body part.

The picture up top, though? I can show you here, because while it’s just as offensive (albeit in a different kind of way), there’s no asses to be seen. Offensive, still, however, because it’s Rihanna holding Chris Brown’s hand like they’re Adam and Eve or Ike and Tina or something, and bam, shit’s back on for real, just in time for the holidays. Isn’t that lovely?

Jump in for the ass, and by “ass,” I mean “Rihanna’s ass,” not “Chris’s face.”

photo of rihanna tattoo ass pictures photos
Can I comment on Rihanna’s rear for a second? Because even though I think she’s probably one of the silliest bitches going, she’s got one phenomenal ass. Seriously, look at that thing. I don’t care if you’re male, or female; gay or straight—there’s no denying that Rihanna’s got one of the best backsides in Hollywood if not, you know, anywhere.

December 21, 2012 at 11:30 am by Sarah
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22 Responses to “Rihanna Has a (New) Stupid Tattoo”

  1. A marihuana leaf? How pedestrian. Great ass.

  2. anotherfakeprincess says:

    She used to have a fine butt, before she let a 9th grader without any artistic skills scratch that thing on there. That tattoo is hideous.
    Unfortunately, that ass can’t make up for her lack of class.

  3. Rachel says:

    That isnt her ass. She doesnt have a tattoo sleeve or those stars on her lower back……i love this site but plz do some research before you post these kinds of stories.

  4. Iris says:

    I totally agree with Rachel – that’s not her ass! Still it remains a goddamn hot one.

  5. Elle says:

    That’s not her

  6. v says:

    It is one sweet ass indeed and remember people this is a gossip site… Sarah you can put all the sweet asses you want even if it isn’t Riri’s

  7. silkprint says:

    Who cares whose bum it is ..
    I like it and love the site ..carry on …

  8. Flite says:

    That ass belongs to a phenomenally hot pornstar named Christy Mack

  9. Dangles the Wonder Mule says:

    AWESOME body she got. Nasty skank tattoos on her lovely skin now.
    Nasty skank? Who knows?

  10. ,e. says:

    not rihanna

  11. Whoever says:

    At least correct your mistakes. Sarah you’re singlehandedly making this site go downhill.

  12. Yep says:

    That is adult film star christy Mack’s ass

  13. Anonymous says:

    It’s not Rihanna, it’s a pornstar called christymack

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