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Merry Christmas, Katy Perry, You’re Dating A Douchebag!

A photo of Katy Perry and John Mayer

Aww, man! What a lame present! Hope she has the receipt! LOL!

From Life & Style:

Katy Perry and John Mayer looked “quite affectionate” together on Dec. 12 in NYC while seeing A Christmas Story: The Musical. But looks can be deceiving.

An Insider reveals to Life & Style, on stands now, that the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” crooner has been seeing a secret woman since early 2011. “They meet frequently, just for sex dates,” confides the insider. “And they sext each other almost constantly.”

While Katy thought John could be the answer to her relationship woes, he’s been playing her from the start. “She’s totally into him,” the pal confesses. “There’s a part of her that thinks she’s definitely reformed him, so she’d be totally devastated if she knew that John was cheating on her.”

The insider continues, “John and this woman have incredible sexual chemistry and have been seeing each other nonstop since their first encounter almost two years ago.”

What I don’t get is how anyone at all could look at John Mayer and go “you know what, that’s a good prospect for my next monogamous relationship.” He’s gross, everyone knows he’s gross, and all you have to do is listen to a Taylor Swift song to get all the details. There is absolutely no reason why someone would date this guy. No reason at all.

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  • Too many women think that THEY are the one who can change a man. Whether it be your high school romance or the dude with the tats at the end of the honky tonk bar…..or even a sweet faced lying POS. There will always be dames who think they have the magic stuff. They don’t. Taylor was a teenager. What’s Katie’s excuse?