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Lindsay Needs Therapy, Can’t Afford It

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

From Radar:

Lindsay Lohan, who is facing significant jail time, desperately wants to see a psychiatrist, but the troubled actress is telling her close friends she doesn’t have any money to do so, is exclusively reporting.

“Lindsay is overwhelmed at the prospect of going back to jail and believes that a psychiatrist can help her through this trying time of her life. However, Lindsay has a huge problem, she can’t afford to pay a good shrink because she literally has no money,” a source close to the situation tells exclusively.

“Her health insurance would only pay about 20 percent of the mental health bills, and the docs that she wants to see charge $250-$300 an hour,” the insider added.

As previously reported, the Liz & Dick star is swimming with debt so monstrous that even the IRS is after her, but according to her father, her management team has turned down more than $100,000 in job offers lately.

Michael Lohan says that he is furious with Lindsay’s new reps at ICM because he has learned that they have dismissed endorsement proposals that could have netted the almost-broke star a nice chunk of change before the holidays.

“One deal is for $100,000 for a phone application which blocks unwanted calls,” Michael previously told us. “The other is for $30,000 for a ‘Don’t Drink and Drive message!'”

Lindsay’s probation – related to her shoplifting conviction – was formally revoked last Wednesday morning, but her lawyer, Shawn Holley postponed the starlet’s arraignment on three new charges of lying to the cops stemming from a car accident in Santa Monica, Calif. last summer.

“Prosecutors are going after Lindsay with a vengeance because of her flagrant disregard for the law,” the source previously said. “The LA City Attorney’s office will present evidence to Commissioner Jane Godfrey that Lindsay has a long storied history of lying to cops. Prosecutors want Commissioner Godfrey to sentence Lindsay to 245 days behind bars for the probation violation.”

Lindsay’s agents and managers “just wish she would have taken these steps to take accountability for her life before her back was against the wall. Lindsay is her own worst enemy and needs intensive therapy for at least a year,” the insider said.

I don’t even know what to think about this, but it makes me really sad. It makes me sad that people who really need help, even people like Lindsay Lohan who have pissed away all their money on drugs and nonsense, can’t afford to get it. It’s like the vet who took a piece of tape and stuck it on my poor little guinea pig, looked at it under a microscope, told me to buy a flea treatment for kittens and charged me $90, or the doctor’s office that charged my boyfriend $110 to send in a nurse to listen to his lungs with a stethoscope for three seconds. It’s like my dad who’s worked so hard all his life, but the second he becomes too disabled to work, he’s out without any insurance and with a promise that in a year, he’ll qualify for disability, but in the meantime he just needs to go ahead and find the money to pay for all the overpriced medicine he needs to live. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Obviously I’ve strayed, but I’m feeling a lot of feelings right now, and I still think the same stands for Lindsay. No matter how much she’s f-cked up, she still deserves to be healthy.

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  • County mental health has programs for indigent people who cannot afford treatment. There are also drug & alcohol treatment centers for those who cannot afford it. She can’t afford medical treatment but she can afford high priced attorneys, drug & alcohol binges, expensive cars & homes, flying all over the world, shopping sprees & eating at expensive restaurants???? No Lindsey does not have a money problem – she has a priorities problem. Expensive medical/vet bills for people who actually work hard & live law abiding lives being responsible people of the community & despite all their best efforts cannot afford needed services- yes that is something to feel sympathy & empathy for. Lindsey deserves neither.

    • Honestly, I was having a super, super bad morning surrounding this very issue, so my head wasn’t too clear. I know Lindsay can find help if she needs it and that she wastes her money all the time – I definitely hear what you’re saying. I was just feeling too many feelings :)

  • The fact that you just classed your boyfriend’s lungs, and your dad’s ability to function, in the same category as a rodent’s fleas suddenly contextualizes your constant stupidity and venality.

    So, do cognitively limited sociopaths become gossip bloggers, or did being a gossip blogger make you a cognitively limited sociopath?

    • JessicaK.. What the hell is wrong with you ? Come down the ladder a few rungs. With all the news in recent days concerning mental health issues, It has overwhelmed a good many people. Try very hard to behave like a human. Try harder to figure out what you’re so pissed off about, because if its really about a gossip web or web blogger… Whoa.

      • Oh Junebug, you must the sweetest.person.ever because you expressed faux concern on a gossip site!

        With all the news in recent days concerning mental health issues, she’s comparing it to fleas on a guinea pig? If you don’t see how profoundly solipsistic and offensive that is, well, next time EB is looking for a new writer you might just be in luck.

  • If I were the sweetest I would forgive you for being a asshole, but I don’t . But keeping your logic in mind … You must be the meanest. Happy holidays asshole !

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