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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Be Just Like Taylor Swift

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

There are always going to be people who just don’t get it, and Lindsay Lohan is definitely one of those people. To us, it’s perfectly clear what’s wrong, right? She’s an addict with a strong sense of entitlement. It’s pretty simple. But to Lindsay, she thinks that she’s not even part of her problem, that mean old people just keep on trying to get her into trouble. That also means that she keeps coming up with the wrong solutions.

From Page Six:

Lindsay Lohan is finally trying to clean up her act.

The troubled 26-year-old “Liz & Dick” star is making changes so she doesn’t end up in the slammer, sources close to LiLo tell Confidenti@l.

First on her list: Just saying no. An insider tells us while it’s no surprise some Lohan friends are acting like she’s a social pariah, the actress is doing the same with some of her party pals, too.

“She hasn’t been texting and calling back some of the people who she just parties with,” says a source, who has been with La Lohan at the Electric Room, Catch, Cabin Down Below and Avenue, where Lohan allegedly punched a palm reader in November and where sources told Confidenti@l she is no longer welcome.

“She is realizing there are people in her life who are bad influences, who think it’s funny when she wants to fill water bottles with alcohol and go out, or stay out all night at nightclubs in New York and look sloppy in photos. These aren’t her real friends.”

The insider says she’s trying to be more careful, considering she’s potentially facing 245 days in jail for a recent probation violation unless she cleans up her act.

The same source says Lohan’s cited a comparison of her “friendship” with Max George of the Wanted to that of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles of One Direction. “She knows how everyone looks up to Taylor, and what a good image she has,” says the insider. “But it’s totally different when you’re acting like a groupie.”

One friendship she is cultivating is with a spiritual guru. According to reports, she wants the guru to write letters on her behalf to the judge hearing her case, to help demonstrate that jail time isn’t the best option for her. (The judge has the option to send her to counseling instead.)

A second source close to LiLo tells us this isn’t the first time she’s sought advice from a spiritual adviser. “There was a woman who she was introduced to a few years ago who worked with the Ronson family she met when she was with Samantha,” says the insider. “She worked with a lot of big celebrities.”

Ok, so her solutions include no texting, consulting anyone and everyone who might be able to convince a judge that you don’t need to go to jail, and acting like Taylor Swift. Great plan. Just great. We should all be so crafty.

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  • $$$$$$ and endless material possessions IS HER only GOAL ! However her grubby cling on family, swindlers and crooks she admires., loves so much are making a huge profit and encouraging chaos in of all aspects of her life.. Being foolish, never finishing the job properly.. delivering her promises on time and with all her amazing talents.. she’s mostly gambling for the excitement of the promised win and spoils.. very greedy.. she stays hopped up.. living on lies,.. thinks she’s a expert on this risky business of I’m gonna win this time.. Look at all the rich fools and they barely do anything to get rich.. all she has to do is hang on, beg, borrow and steal.. and her luck will change.. everyone will applaud and find her way of doing things totally brave.. fascinating and very daring.. Stupidity and bad luck of repeating her mistakes is eating up her bank account faster than she can earn it by hook and crook.. Perhaps she should disarm her family and friends hold over her dumping them, listening to those who are honestly trying to help her ..and take her own wayward butt to church and grow up.. face reality..

  • Although she may feel betrayed by those who “think it’s funny when she fills water bottles with vodka and goes out to the clubs”, the truth is that an addict like her is downright combative, histrionic and hateful when that behavior isn’t tolerated. She kicked everyone out of her life who wouldn’t tolerate her bad behavior. That’s how addicts roll. I’ve only known a few. One told me that my father must have been an alcoholic and that it’s MY ISSUE if it bothers me when they drink until they can’t stand, sit or speak. LOL. No one in my family ever drank or smoked. MY ISSUE?! – De Nile ain’t no river, eh?

  • If she was a normal person and not a “celebrity” she’d be in jail already. I’m so sick of how differently she gets treated.

  • If she really wants to more like Taylor Swift, then she is definitely going to have make a lot of changes with her life. Lindsay is always saying how she’ll stop doing what she’s doing, but then goes out and does the same things again. Taylor Swift would never drink or do drugs or have to go to jail, but maybe Lindsay can be a bit more like Taylor and make changes if she just tries and don’t go back on things she says.

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