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People Are Saying LeAnn Rimes is Probably Pregnant

photo of leann rimes pregnant pictures
Do you think she’s pregnant? Because I’m not going to say that I think she’s pregnant, because God, who knows—maybe she forgot to take one of her laxatives and drank a whole 20oz. bottle of Dasani, which could be why her normally emaciated figure looks slightly (I said slightly fuller), but something is definitely different. That’s all I’m saying.

Even when all of the laxative allegations came to light, LeAnn was, of course, quick to dispel the rumors … but why? To get more people talking about her skinny ass? Or to make sure everyone knows that she’s not anorexic when it comes to announcing that she’s pregnant? Moreover, what do you guys think about her figure—it’s distinctly different, isn’t it? And don’t you think that pregnancy is just the thing that might make LeAnn change her non-eating ways?

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  • Honestly she looks to me like someone who stopped abusing laxatives and Adderrall. Isn’t that why she went to rehab?

  • I love her body but her face makes me think of demonic witches ,
    I do not usually comment on peoples looks , I am no pretty picture but she looks evil to me .

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  • She looks a bit more smug than usual. Apart from that, I think it’s just that she’s wearing something loose for once. Probably just wore that so that everyone would speculate that she was pregnant.

  • I have said this on other sites but she is dressing so that ppl will speculate that she is pregnant. She wants exactly what this site has done-stories written about her. She isn’t preggo. She’d have to go off her psoriasis meds for 6 months and that we will be able to see. Lol.

  • Didn’t Eddie have a vasectomy? I can’t see him getting untied for this lunatic. She’s probably just trying to irritate Brandi.

  • Of course Leann is pregnant. Her husband is cheating on her and she has to sell two singles and an album to keep him and his mistress in their lavish lifestyle, so what else is a famewhore to do? Make the “happy family” image more appealing to the media by adding a baby to it. And once again the media falls for it. Instead of calling her out for taunting Brandi with her own kids yet again over the weekend or faking a nip slip, the media is focusing on her baby bump.

    We all thought that when Leann went to “rehab” that she just went to a spa or a plastic surgeon, but perhaps “rehab” was a fertility clinic. Leann is a famewhore, so if she went to rehab then she would have made sure that the paps got shots of it.

    Although her face looks fuller, she really doesn’t look pregnant at all. That being said, I do think that she is pregnant. Like someone said, she is just more smug than usual.

    She isn’t being completely silent about it though. She hinted at it when she released stories about the dog she rescued(ie-Eddie’s son naming the dog after his future sister). Placing purses in front of her belly when out to lunch with Eddie and hanging on his arm so that he can “protect” their baby. Baggy clothing. On the red carpet of NoH8 she had people “protecting” her from the reporters who “got too close”. The media is going very soft on her. No matter what she does E kisses her behind as if she gave them the first exclusive or something.

    The question becomes, when will she reveal the pregnancy. I think it’s going to be around Brandi’s youngest son’s birthday, which is the same month she releases her album and has her 2 year anniversary with Eddie. Can you imagine how bad her famewhoring is going to be ?

  • Why is NBC Universal bending over backwards for Leann? They gave her an exclusive interview with Giuliana and E News which she didn’t even deserve. Eonline keeps writing fluffpieces. After having drinks with Leann, Guiliana becomes VERY pro-Leann even going so far as to trash Brandi just to appease Leann. Chelsea used to trash Leann and then one day Leann was allowed to go on her show under the pretense she was promoting a new album, even though she had released that album 6 months ago. And now Leann is going to sing “Borrowed” on Leno tomorrow, even though she keeps insisting that Brandi needs to shut up and move on.That isn’t the oddest part. When Leann was campaigning for XFactor, Simon made it clear that he didn’t want her anywhere near his show, and now Leann will be on that show on Wed. What next? Is E going to give Leann and Eddie a reality tv show?

  • Guess who made an appearance on RHOBH? Eddie’s ex-mistress(Scheana Marie Jancun), the one that Life and Style said that Eddie was hooking up with in 2009 when he was supposed to be committed to Leann. Now Leann’s “End of tour kiss” twitpic ( a photo of Eddie standing behind Leann “kissing” and embracing her) and the “happy family” Haute fluffpiece makes sense. If Eddie isn’t still pining for SMJ and nothing ever happened in 2009, why does Leann freak out at the presence of SMJ on RHOBH? Can you imagine how nuts Leann is going to get when Lisa’s spinoff airs(SMJ is on that show)?