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How Do We Feel About Kim Kardashian in Lingerie, Huh?

photo of kim kardashian in lingerie pictures
I’m just going to leave these new Kim Kardashian photos right here for you, and you can decide whether or not they’re any good. They’re from French magazine, Factice, and portray Kim in a variety of positions, clad in see-through lingerie and heavy Photoshop. Save for the obvious airbrushing on practically every inch of her body and face, the photos actually are quite lovely, and I shouldn’t complain too much. There’s two really great things going for these photos, and it’s that Kanye‘s not in them, and there’s no leather-blend leggings in sight. Racy. Scandalous. Tasteful.

The funny thing is, the Daily Mail calls Kim’s most recent photo shoot her “most daring yet,” but duh, human toilet. Has no one learned anything?

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