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It’s Cool, Kim Kardashian Is Just Rubbing Blood All Over Her Face

A photo of Kim Kardashian

Yeah, apparently this is a thing that people do now. If you get tired of shoving a needle in your face for that hot “temporary paralysis” look, you can just rub blood on your face! It’s less invasive, except for the part where they take your blood for the rubbing, and it’s so edgy! You can be the 21st century Elizabeth Bathory!

Except I think Kim Kardashian has already snapped up that title:

Just how far is Kim Kardashian willing to go for beauty? Pretty bloody far, friends say, and they mean that literally.

“Kim underwent the vampireface-lift to smooth wrinkles and fill out her face,” an insider tells the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

The controversial new in-office treatment, also known as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, uses injections of the client’s own blood to create younger-looking skin. While no surgery is involved, the bloodletting process is not for the faint of heart!

“It was crazy,” a pal of Kim’s tells Life & Style about her vampire lift, which was done in Miami. “The doctor took the blood from Kim’s arm and spun it [in a centrifuge] to separate the platelets. The blood was then rubbed onto Kim’s face. After that, they did something called ‘needling,’ where all these little needles prick the skin and let the platelets seep in. It was so gross!”

Although there are no long-term clinical studies that support the procedure’s claims of providing a natural method of stimulating collagen growth for a more youthful appearance, the treatment is deemed safe. “It’s supposed to have really great natural results,” the insider tells Life & Style.

This is too gross. If she’s doing shit like this while she’s 32, then what’s she going to do when she’s 50? Does Kanye know about this? What is psychologically wrong with her? Why didn’t she recognize years ago how gorgeous she was without all the plastic surgery and botox and weird blood rituals? We need answers!

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  • I’m not an expert on these things, but when you poke your body with a needle, blood or other such things generally come OUT of where you poked yourself. I would think that would prevent things you have merely slathered on the outside of your body from being pushed IN by the needle. So if she is experiencing a “plumped” look in her face, it’s probably swelling from her tissues being irritated by being jabbed by needles over and over again. Meaning that she could skip the blood draw and the platelet isolating and smearing and just go get herself a sewing needle and have at it.

  • What’s so gross about it? What is so gross about blood? Why are people so afraid of it? I’m going to try this even though I’m only 27.. except I’ll use the blood of a young and innocent virgin..