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It’s Not Even Lindsay’s Fault That She’s A Groupie

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

God, you guys. What is even wrong with you? Lindsay Lohan never ever does anything, but you just have to keep blaming her for every single thing. Like, why do you even think that she punched someone in the club the other night? Seriously, what’s your reasoning there? Is it because there are multiple witnesses reporting that she punched someone? Is it that she got arrested for punching someone? God, open your eyes. Obviously this is everyone else’s problem, and Lindsay didn’t even do anything.

Like, even when it comes to being a groupie. Sure, she’s been following around The Wanted like some poor drug addled puppy dog, and yeah, it’s kind of awkward to watch. But The Wanted pursued her. So get your facts straight. God.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan insists … she didn’t make the first move when it came to hooking up with The Wanted singer Max George … he was the aggressor from the start — but Lindsay’s not complaining one bit.

Lindsay’s telling friends, Max pursued her from the beginning — flirting with her aggressively since that fateful night last week at the club Avenue in NYC, where Lindsay allegedly punched a fortune teller.

Lindsay also says Max is the one who invited her backstage at Jingle Ball in Philly this week … and he’s also the one who invited her to join The Wanted on their tour bus.

But we’re told Lindsay’s happy to go with the flow — because she really likes Max and enjoys hooking up with him … even though she’s not looking for a serious relationship.

The reason … Lindsay believes she has lots of work to do on herself before she ropes someone else into her crazy life.

She’s got a point.

And this picture that TMZ got of Lindsay at a concert? That just proves that he was the one pursuing Lindsay:

A photo of Lindsay Lohan and Max George

Don’t you just feel so stupid now?

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