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92Kristen Stewart Just Needs Robert Pattinson to Get Over It Already, Thanks

A photo of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

From Radar:

Kristen Stewart is getting increasingly frustrated by Robert Pattinson’s reluctance to fully forgive her and re-commit to their relationship, is exclusively reporting.

Robert, 26, has been playing hard to get with Kristen, 22, since rekindling their romance and a close source says the actress is starting to get fed up because she feels that she’s been putting in all the effort to make it work.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 beauty believes she’s been punished enough for her affair with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, the source says — and thinks Robert now has to get over it otherwise the romance is destined for failure.

“Rob and Kristen are at a crossroads right now as to whether he finally accepts they are back together or not,” the source tells

“Kristen has been trying so hard to win Rob back, she’s been hanging out with his friends and she even went to London to make a good impression with Rob’s family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“She knows his sisters were particularly vocal about their disapproval of Rob taking her back after the affair, so Kristin braved the storm and groveled to them.

“The problem is, Rob is still dithering on what to do. I think Kristen is now at the stage where she feels it is time for him to get over her affair or perhaps move on,” the source reveals.

See, this is exactly why I thought that they shouldn’t have gotten back together in the first place. It’s just not good. They love each other or whatever, so they want to work it out, but after something as big as adulterous oral sex goes down, it’s just hard to find equal footing again. Kristen Stewart isn’t the worst person in the world (for this, anyway), but she can’t really take back what happened, and I imagine it would be really hard to forgive and forget that sort of thing. In two years, Kristen could be like “damn it, Rob, you left your stupid socks on the floor again,” and Robert could just be like “oh, really? Because you got your creepy old director to go down on you in public.” It’s just not fair.

Ok, but are things really not going great in their relationship, or are things just starting to fall apart because the Breaking Dawn stuff is pretty much over? This is so hard!

December 4, 2012 at 4:30 am by Emily

92 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Just Needs Robert Pattinson to Get Over It Already, Thanks”

  1. Simon Jadis says:

    Honestly, that is *exactly* how I think of cheating in a relationship but still wanting to make it work.

    “You want pizza again? We had pizza two days ago. I’d rather we ate something else.”

    “And I’d rather that you hadn’t slept with your coworker.”

    Like, this is just so dead on. If I were in a relationship (which seem like so much work; no thanks), I would NEVER break up with a guy for cheating. I would stick with him to “make it work” but mostly because every argument ever would go my way. I would milk that for all that it was worth.

    • Emily says:

      “Hey, will you buy me a pony?”

      “What are you going to do with a pony?”

      “I don’t know, maybe I’ll ride it like you rode my cousin.”

      This is fun!

  2. Harriet Meadow says:

    It hasn’t even been that long! Trust takes a long time to get back once it’s broken (I have personal experience with this one). That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be together, because it will heal eventually, but for now she needs to realize that he just needs time.

  3. E says:

    If it does go wrong, I’m sure that Pattinson will be dating Taylor Swift before he even realizes what happened.

  4. Pique says:

    Please – now that the premiere’s over they’ll pepper in the rumours so they can finally stop pretending the relationship anymore.

  5. SINJIN says:


  6. Pseudo says:

    Kristen is a whore. Robert deserves better. The guy was faithful and what did she do? Cheat…with a dirty old married director. Yes, it was a mistake but she claimed to “love” him. And no matter how they wanna work it out to “save” their relationship…the pain of her betrayal will always remain and she cannot defend herself because it is TRUE. What would she feel if Rob cheated on her instead? She can go ballistic but cannot ever blame him. So I say, they just go in their separate ways.

  7. Hope and Pray says:

    Her impatience just shows how reliable she really is. She had the most precious man in the world and she BLEW it! He can’t be replaced. But she can! I think he just might be having second thoughts about their relationship! He didn’t deserve to be put through what she put him through! I hope when he goes home he comes back with a new outlook in his relationships. Good Luck Rob you deserve someone that won’t cheat on you. I can’t imagine doing such a thing to you! Your so special. HUGGS!

  8. Hope and Pray says:

    Hello Rob lovers! I have a new nickname for the most gorgeous man in the world: :”INCREDIBLE EDIBLE ROB!” He is YUMMY!

  9. Anonymous says:

    i hopeee they get back together they are the best cople ever

  10. Hope and Pray says:

    To Rob:
    Rob Listen to your parents. They have been together a long time. They have good advice LISTEN to them. If they think marrying Kristen is a bad idea you better listen to them. They’re trying to prevent new heartaches for you!
    Good Luck!

  11. hope and pray says:

    Rob are you thinking with he wrong head again? Do you really want Kristen to mother your children??? She is so brassy and unlady like. Would your kids be ashamed to have her for a mother? Your suppose to be proud of your mother. Does your mother act like her????????
    THINK MAN THINK!!!!!!!

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  13. hope and pray says:

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  21. LucasHugh says:

    And no matter how they wanna work it out to “save” their relationship…the pain of her betrayal will always remain and she cannot defend herself because it is TRUE.

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