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Is That a Baby Bump, Blake Lively?

photo of blake lively baby bump pictures pregnancy photo pic
Because it sure looks like a baby bump, Blake Lively.

This is Blake Lively, arriving (or leaving, I don’t know) at an airport with husband Ryan Reynolds (not pictured). And I don’t know about you guys, but either that’s a baby bump, or old girl Blake needs to work a bit on her posture, because her spine’s starting to leak out the side of her belly.

Baby bump? Not a baby bump? What is it, guys?

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  • Wasn’t she the not so blind item of a Hollywood starlet that got hitched cuz she was preggers? I vaguely remember something abt how the husband didnt really want to get married but did so cuz the girl got pregnant or something. Anyone else remember this? Do I have the wrong girl? Am I on crack?

  • I think Blake has just realized that Ryan knows how to count to nine months. I wonder who the real father is?…Ben?

    • I agree…sometimes it’s just wind or bloating. Everyone should be allowed to have an “off” day without being told they look pregnant.

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