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Even Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Thinks Lindsay Lohan Needs to Go to Rehab

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Oh man, guys. Shit’s really hitting the fan, is it not? Here’s a screencap from Lindsay‘s assistant’s, Gavin Doyle’s, Twitter:

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And hey, look who probably doesn’t have a job any longer? Yes, Gavin Doyle, Lindsay Lohan’s personal assistant. What I want to know, though, is why is Gavin choosing to address Lindsay and her myriad issues through Twitter? Wouldn’t it be better received—or, you know, received, period—if he’d just gone to the source and talked Lindsay through her problems? Yeah, sure, he’s probably already done that at least a dozen times, but really. Even though it didn’t work the first twelve times doesn’t mean it’s OK to go ahead and blow social media up with it. It’s like this moron decided, hey, yeah, the Lindsay train’s totally derailing before the end of 2012, so I may as well jump into the fray and make it known that I, too, had my name in the news for thirty seconds since everyone else’s is.

And you know what? That’s just sad, guys, seriously. I’m not trying to be a Lindsay sympathizer or anything, because everything that she’s done (especially the whole punching-a-chick-in-the-face thing) has been entirely her own fault, but come on. Her personal assistant? Saying this kind of shit on Twitter? It’s no wonder she chose this Gavin person to assist her—he’s got the same level of class that she does. I get it now.

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  • Maybe he has said it to her multiple times and maybe he was tired of hearing in the media how her team must baby her so he was putting it out there that he does know there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Also he said he bailed her out, maybe that was the final straw for him. It’s got to be difficult watching someone close to you throw their life away and rock bottom never seems to happen. People do things in those moments that they normally wouldn’t.

    • That’s exactly what I thought too, he’s tried to talk to her, as I’m sure half the world has tried to talk to her, so he’s forced to go to more extreme measures. Frankly though, I don’t think she deserves his or anyone’s concern anymore – she’s blown through a zillion chances and she needs to have her ass thrown in jail, then a good long stint in rehab. No more letting all this sh*t slide.

  • It’s an attempt at damage control by her team. This way they can portray it as her hitting rock bottom with all of her inner circle appearing to be abandoning her while urging her to get help. (first the publicist, now the assistant. The parents don’t count.) Then she will check into a long-term rehab facility (again) in the hope that the court will show leniency since she is getting treatment. Its just more of the same, lame attempts to play the system.

  • there is video of Lindsey screaming at him and then throwing him out of the limo at the police station when she was released. Maybe that has something to do with his reaction. LOL trainwreck.

  • Is he the one who went to bail her out of jail and then she kicked him out of the car? WOW! I am always surprised at this girl and I really dont know why. When I think oh, she hit a new low, she comes back and shocks me going even lower.

  • I don’t get it. Doyle bailed her but, her attorney said that when he picked her up from jail, she showed no signs of drink or drugs. So who got her from jail ? Doyle said he bailed her that night but pictures of her leaving jail were in the morning. Help please.

    • We know lawyers always tell the truth when it comes to their clients but I’ll go by the videos and her actions. There is something amiss with this woman.

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