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HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY: Facebook Friends (and Non-Friends), Listen Up

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We’re approaching another milestone in Facebook fans, and when we hit 5k likes, we’re going to give away a pretty good-sized Amazon gift card.

All you have to do—LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. Suggest the page to your friends. In short, help us get our number up to 5k as soon as humanly possible, because if we don’t give this Amazon gift card away (in time for the holidays, mind you), it’s going to burn a hole in my pocket and I’m going to spend it. And you know what? I don’t think the higher-ups would be very happy with me spending your dough on economy-sized packages of Andes mint candies (oh my God have you ever), ugly Christmas jumpers, or extra-fuzzy socks. Thing is? We’ll double the amount if we receive the five-thousandth like by the 15th of December, ten whole days to spend your Amazon money and get your stuff in the mail in time for Christmas.

Get liking and get sharing!


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