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Demi Moore Has A New Boyfriend, Maybe!

A photo of Demi Moore

From People:

Actress Demi Moore is dipping her toe back in the dating world – and she still likes ’em young, according to new reports. The New York Post‘s Page Six column reports that Moore, 50, is quietly dating art world scion Vito Schnabel, 26.

Schnabel, an art dealer, is the son of painter and director Julian Schnabel. He and Moore were reportedly “dancing and grinding all over each other” at a party in Jodhpur, India,thrown by supermodel Naomi Campbell for the 50th birthday of her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin, according to the paper’s account.

The blooming romance comes a year after her split after six years of marriage with husband Ashton Kutcher, 34. Kutcher is now dating his That 70s Show costar Mila Kunis, 29. Sources have told PEOPLE that the relationship has left Moore “jealous and frustrated.””

Vito Schnabel is no stranger to beautiful women: When he was 21, Schnabel reportedly dated supermodel and actress Elle Macpherson. He has also been linked with actress Liv Tyler.

Ok, let me tell you why this is confusing. While this story came from People, which is definitely one of the most trustworthy sources for gossip, it looks like it was originally reported in the New York Post, which is not as trustworthy. And there’s also a conflicting report over on Radar that says that Demi’s daughters are “begging her to get over Ashton.” According that to that story, Demi won’t stop talking about him, and she’s making the divorce proceedings really hard. It seems like that story is more in line with other things we’ve heard, but, you know, People is saying she’s got a new dude.

So what’s up, friends?

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  • That picture doesn’t really look like Demi. Is she heavily medicated? Is it botox? Plastic surgery? Did she lose weight? Did they replace the original Demi with a synthetic robotic Demi or what?

  • Who cares…Lol….who cares!….flmboooooo!

    Everybody ages…no matter how much botox/filler/plastic surgery….who freaking cares about how she looks….she is not dating my man!…I’ve plenty of guy admirers…young, old, rich, poor…Hot, Hotter,….and Hottest!…..and have not one procedure, lol!

    it is all…..the same…if someone is 49, 23, 18, 67…..has a breakup…or cheated on…he/she will probably not deal with it well…..

    ..Give Demi a break…..tell me how things are working out for you at 49….