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Oh, Never Mind, Courtney Stodden Isn’t Stripping for Thanksgiving

A photo of Courtney Stodden

From TMZ:

Courtney Stodden will NOT be flaunting her suspiciously perky 18-year-old breasts at a pole dancing performance next week — because the gay club that booked her … just dropped her like a hot potato.

Courtney’s people tell TMZ, it’s unclear why her performance was abruptly canceled — but they believe the higher ups who own the place pulled the plug on her out of “fear” … whatever that means.

Courtney had been scheduled to ride the pole at the famous Abbey in West Hollywood the night before Thanksgiving.

Don’t be too disappointed — Courtney wasn’t planning to bare her ta-tas for the show anyway … she’s holding out for a much bigger paycheck to do that.

A rep for SBE — the company that owns the Abbey — had no comment.

Courtney’s husband is 52 years old.

I’m so sorry, you guys. I know you were looking forward to this just as much as I was. I know you were just so excited to see Courtney Stodden perform her music and possibly strip on Thanksgiving Eve. But things don’t always work out, you know? Sometimes things just fall through, and we just have to pick ourselves up and move on.

But how wonderful is it that TMZ closed the story with “Courtney’s husband is 52 years old”? Pretty wonderful, right?

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  • anyone see her mom on couples therapy?/ she is just an older version of courtney. mouth ticks and all.

    bizzarro situation all around. Lord knows I’m a mom to girls and the LAST thing I want is for them to be airing their “assets” out, and putting themselves in positions to be lured at, sexually by men. It’s among many other things, UNCOUTH. But…..I hear I’m a conservative prude, who isn’t “with the times,” so what they hell do i know.

  • Heheh Pulled the plug out of fear. :D
    Maybe it’s like when someone says “Do you want to look at this dead body” and you think you do but then when you get there you can’t open your eyes.

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