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Madonna Gangnam Style

Wow, guys. This Gangnam Style thing is everywhere, I can’t even believe it. And I so, so wish that I wasn’t exposed to it, because it’s just as bad as I imagined it would be during all of those weeks I’d intentionally avoided hearing the song or seeing the video.

This is Madonna‘s latest concert stop at Madison Square Garden, and Psy, the Gangnam Style guru himself, made a special appearance at Madonna’s request.

The video shows Madonna in various stages of Gangnam Style, and also exhibits some really bad, hoarse “singing” on her part. The highlight is when Psy takes the stage, because even though I hate hate hate Gangnam Style and pretty much everything it entails, he’s still infinitely more entertaining in thirty-four seconds than Madonna is during an entire three-hour show.

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  • she’s considered yesterday news especially now lady gaga is this generations pop culture female “it girl” . Gangnam, is nothing more than for her to stay relevant and try to keep people interested.

  • Omg you are are such a total BUZZKILL on almost everything. Why can’t you lighten the F**K up and just have some fun with something once in a while…damn already.

  • Her face while she is getting down and going between his legs is pretty funny. She looks like she’s about to have a heart attack.

  • I like the YouTube video of those ADORABLE Navy guys doing it. More my speed than what appears to be a middle aged Korean guy. That’s just me…..