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Somebody at Vogue Hates Anne Hathaway

A photo of Anne Hathaway

Meanwhile, someone at Evil Beet really, really loves her. Hint: it’s me. She just seems so sweet, and I love her hair, and she had such a pretty wedding dress. Oh, and I think Les Mis is going to be incredible. I love her. I love her so much.

But this here Vogue cover is f-cking awful.

Ok, this woman is gorgeous. She just is. And even if you disagree, I’m sure you can at least be reasonable enough to admit that this cover photo is especially terrible. If you still can’t do that, then let me show you another photo from this shoot that appears in the magazine:

A photo of Anne Hathaway

Oh, and this one:

A photo of Anne Hathaway

See what I mean? It’s like they told her “hey, just run around and spaz and shit and we’ll take some pics.” And then the editor was like “oh, this one is particularly unflattering, let’s put that on the cover.” And then I was like “are you serious with this, Vogue?” And then Anne Hathaway was like “bitches gettin’ paid don’t give a f-ck.” And here we are.

I’ll throw in a couple more photos in the gallery, but the situation doesn’t get any better, trust me.

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  • Yeah, it’s all screwed. They’ve messed with her beautiful face and wonked it up somehow. It doesn’t reflect the true her.

  • This photo shoot in so bad. Why is she so derpy on the cover?? I’m not a fan of her but I have a hard time believing these were the best photos that were taken.

  • I think the “running through a field” pictures pretty well suck (especially the “look up my nose while I am running through a field” one) but the others aren’t bad. Not great, but not bad.

  • That is one awful cover. I’m surprised the magazine chose it out of what must have been hundreds of shots. I think Anne Hathaway is the kind of woman who was cute as a younger woman but didn’t “grow into” her looks. Plus, she absolutely has got to let that hair grow back out.

  • This crap is Anna’s W’s doing. Anna Wintour is a well-known b*tch. She’s Karl’s equally ugly sister. If she can’t have who she wants on shoots she makes the objects of her hate look like garbage. One day soon Vogue is going under because of her jealousy issues.

  • sorry I always thought she was odd looking she scared me in the Alice in Wonderland movie with her f-ing HUGE red lips black eyebrows and white hair AHHH!! was royally pissed she was picked to play catwoman i mean come on think of the past ones… Hallie Berry Michelle Pheiffer Eartha Kit… then they pick skinny Bassett hound eyed whatsherface girl please. oh well i got over it like her short hair-cut. sorry about my rant :P (and bad spelling)

  • What makes it look especially bad is that on the cover they kept the center of her face (from up to down) and let the rest around it melt and sag down. Everything above and below the nose looks kinda normal, the rest looks pulled down/stretched/made longer to fill the cover. Very, very strange.

    In the second pic she looks like a man: short hair and no female features showing (why not show her face, instead of the back of her throat??) She looks like a pre-teen boy in that pic.

    In the bottom pic she looks like a person who has just taken LSD and is rediscovering the world *oooh feel the grass tickling on my feet, hallelujaa!*

    They must really hate her at Vogue. (Anna Wintour’s revenge for the Devil Wears Prada xD)

  • Anne Hathaway is a very talented actress who has reached superstar status! She, her management or her publicist should have insisted on photo approval! Vogue or no Vogue! I would fire the people or person who approved this cover! Miss Hathaway don’t let this bother you! You are not only a beautiful woman but a very talented actress! Look forward to your performance in Les Miserable! Take care

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