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Hey, Anne Hathaway’s Hair is Growing Out

photo of anne hathaway in nyc short hair pictures 2012 pic
Ha, so I forgot that Anne Hathaway got married. Bizarre, right? But that’s not the reason I gathered you all here today. No, it’s because girlfriend’s hair is growing out from that way-short business she had going on earlier this year for ‘Les Miserables’, and the thing about it is that it looks good. I cut my hair as short as Anne did awhile back, too, and you should *see* what this shit looks like now. It looks like ass. It looks like an ass’s NEST. It’s a cross between a mullet and a mushroom, and I don’t know which is the lesser of two evils, so I try my best to wear lots of hats ’til I think it looks better.

What do you guys think of Anne‘s hair? And aren’t you proud of her for not “growing” her hair back overnight, like some female celebrities do (here’s looking at you, Britney)?

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