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Anne Hathaway Covers Allure

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Look, it’s Anne Hathaway before she lost all her hair! OK, well, “lost” is a poor choice, I suppose, because it makes her sound like she’s got alopecia or something when in reality, she cut it all off for her role as Fantine in the upcoming ‘Les Miserables’ movie.

Here’s Anne in July ’12’s Allure magazine where speaks about body image, weight loss, and dieting. All, you know, important things.

Ahem. Anne on her ‘Les Mis’ weight loss:

“I’m doing some crazy weight stuff right now… I’m on day six of detox …this diet makes me break out, so I love that. Nothing like living on hummus and radishes and then being all like ‘And I got a pimple’ Yeah.”

On nudity:

“I’m as vain as the next girl, but I think it’s my job to show people as they live, and nudity is a part of life.”

On passing up the role in ‘Knocked Up’ because of the birthing scene:

“I thought that [director] Judd [Apatow] was right to include the shot. I didn’t disagree with the shot… My issue with it was that having not experienced motherhood myself, I didn’t know how I was gonna feel on the other side about giving birth.”

On slimming down for the Catwoman catsuit:

“[It was] a psychological terrorist… the suit, thoughts of my suit, changing my life so I would fit into that suit… it dominated my year. I went into the gym for ten months and didn’t come out.”

Here’s Anne today, which is a stark difference from the look she’s got going on in Allure:

photo of anne hathaway short hair pictures
I like Anne Hathaway. She’s grown on me in previous years. And I especially like her short hair, but I might be biased. How do you like your Anne—shorn like a sheep, or with long, flowing locks?

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