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It’s Time to Be Creeped Out by Mary-Kate Olsen And Her Boyfriend

A photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Ugh, this is just the creepiest. Just look at that picture. Mary-Kate looks terrified. And why does he always grab on her head? What’s that about? He looks like a creepy sorcerer trying to do some creepy magic on some kid he kidnapped and took back to his tower.

Now look at this picture:

A photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Still with the grabbing of the head. Can anyone explain that?

One more:

A photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

That’s Mary-Kate’s “ha ha, I love it when you squeeze my head, ha ha, someone please receive this cry for help via text” face.

I don’t care about the age difference between these two. That’s whatever. She’s a 26-year-old woman, she can date whoever she wants. What I care about is the fact that my skin is literally crawling after looking at this photo. My skin is physically squirming to get off of my body so that it doesn’t have to be an organ that assists my eyes in looking at this creepy awful mess. Literally.

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  • What can an old woman say to a beautiful young girl, I don’t think anything you will listen to. When I was your was age I was attractive. Long blond hair and a good body.Also had a husband the abused me. My two wonderful children were my achievient in life. After 14 yrs we divorced. First marriage was for 14 yrs and two children. So what did I do, I got married again, Nice kind man who didn’t know how to love or be loved. I am now 71 and I missed out on so much. Please, little girl don’t do the same. Life is short. I wish you all the best.

  • the head-grabbing thing could be a dominating behavior. he’s older & bigger, and by putting his hand on her head in a supposedly affectionate way (but it’s clearly more aggressive), he exhibits his superiority over her, holds her down, keeps her in check. it is indeed creepy.

  • That guy is creepy and sick! look at the picture in the web with him, Mary Kate and HIS daughter… OMG the kid is as tall as MK.. he must had something about little girls… it’s a shame that MK is ‘falling’ for this psycho.

  • Dear Writer,

    If your skin is literally coming off your body I believe you have a bacterial skin infection, don’t worry it is easily treated with a topical ointment.

    You idiot

  • All that head grabbing & mussing of her hair would explain why she didn’t even bother to comb it before walking out the door.

    She looks like a 13-year old in the top picture, which makes it beyond creepy… it’s gag-nasty. I personally suspect that after years of being under such strict control by her gang of protectors, that this is her way of making a statement. And,I bet, horrifying all of those who kept such a tight rein on her while she was growing up.

    It’s such a cliché move though, dating a man old enough to be her father. It’s rather sad.

    With all of that being said, she does seem happy. And despite the criticism for her choice, that’s really all that matters.

  • Come on guys cant you see? She just misses her days on Full House and is trying to get some Danny Tanner Lovin…. She just misses Bob Saget, thats all!!!!

  • The touching on the head is sexual.
    He can’t get enough oral sex from her.
    He is weird and appears to want to control her.

  • The photos ARE cringable! Why IS he constantly touching her head? Even seeming to push down on her head. Perhaps he really wants to grab her neck?????

  • oh my god. thats so scary. it looks like she has bruises under her eyes, covered up with concealer. i feel sorry for her. she needs to let that guy go. so creepy! she looks scared…

  • @ Emily/author/columnist

    These are snap-shots of an event and are not reflective of the time they spent together. The photographer took these pics with the intention of making it look creepy. Yes i agree the head-grabbing is a gesture of control, but have you even stopped to think she might want or need some form of control in her life?

    I am quite sure if it was an abusive relationship MK wouldn’t stand for it, so your problem obviously IS the age-gap. She is 26 for gods sake, the fact she LOOKS younger is of no consequence.

    Your webpage says it all…..GOSSIP and that’s where sad pathetic people that have nothing better to do would rather consume their time.Men like younger women, and women like older men for many many different reasons.

    And while we all seem to be judging this guy on his looks, i think you Emily should look in the mirror, because you are certainly no oil painting.

  • Uh, not trying to be mean or something but that guy just wants money from her. And besides that guy is old.

  • Its the drugs. In the bottom one (pic) she looks like this addict from a drug doco I saw on YouTube.

  • Mary Kate Olsen would creep me out no matter what she was doing in a photo. She reminds me of those troll dolls, but she’s 26, she’s a self made billionaire and I fail to see the problem with his touching her head. In the last picture, it just looks like light hearted horseplay. In the first picture, she would look creepy without bangs covering her forehead even if she was alone in a pic. Love and happiness can’t be measured by physical appearance. IMO, humans being created with eyesight was a huge blunder. So much intolerance and hatred wouldn’t exist if people based their reaction to other people based on something other than eyesight.

    • Yes she could be he’s obviously what makes her feel safe and secure….we all have our “issues” and insecurities.

  • When I look at the two of them….I see the touching on her head as a sign of great affection. It’s what parent do with children and pets. It may also perhaps be a thing of comfort to her to ground her as she has had unstable events in her life such as bullemia etc. She may need someone whos older and solid to feel safe and secure. It seems to serve them both so why knock it? If she’s happy that’s all that counts….he’s not a creepy old guy like hugh Heffner so get over it!!!

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