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It’s Time to Be Creeped Out by Mary-Kate Olsen And Her Boyfriend

A photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Ugh, this is just the creepiest. Just look at that picture. Mary-Kate looks terrified. And why does he always grab on her head? What’s that about? He looks like a creepy sorcerer trying to do some creepy magic on some kid he kidnapped and took back to his tower.

Now look at this picture:

A photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

Still with the grabbing of the head. Can anyone explain that?

One more:

A photo of Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

That’s Mary-Kate’s “ha ha, I love it when you squeeze my head, ha ha, someone please receive this cry for help via text” face.

I don’t care about the age difference between these two. That’s whatever. She’s a 26-year-old woman, she can date whoever she wants. What I care about is the fact that my skin is literally crawling after looking at this photo. My skin is physically squirming to get off of my body so that it doesn’t have to be an organ that assists my eyes in looking at this creepy awful mess. Literally.

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  • You mean because it looks like something is seriously wrong in that relationship, and everyone can tell? Yeah. It’s really unnerving.

    He’s, like, CONTROLLING her head, which is weird. And reminds me of when Angie Jordan on 30 Rock says “Did you just try to control my body with your white hand?” to Liz Lemon. Except that Liz Lemon is only threatening when you mess with her food.

    ALSO: “He looks like a creepy sorcerer trying to do some creepy magic on some kid he kidnapped and took back to his tower.”

    Emily, you are such perfection.

  • That guy looks like what would’ve resulted if they had spliced together the two dudes from Perfect Strangers!!

  • Picture #1: “Suck my dick, Mary Kate. Right here.”
    Picture #2: “No.”
    Picture #3: “No, seriously. Suck. My. Dick.”

      • It’s not a coincidence that this is the 1st thing to come to our minds. They have handlers, but we are also more and more indoctrinated by “media”. Don’t worry it was the 1st thing to come to my mind as well. It’s a big step if you understand where these feelings/opinions come from.

  • It looks like he has implanted a spawn seed into her face then he is trying to mix it up by shaking her head.

    • You know he is getting more then head. But does he have to do this in public? She looks like she is in a daze. maybe she is saying lets go home and do it grandpa!

    • I am always so excited when people explain weird things with Illuminati. Also, normal things with Illuminati. WAY better than watching the Ancient Aliens people “explain” “reality.”

    • Yes, MK Ultra mind control. Started in 1953. It exists and they’re still doing it – do the research. And what a surprise; Sarkozy is a banker and half-brother to former president of France. The globalists love the MK Ultra slaves. The globalists own all of us. This ain’t Kansas anymore!! Don’t just brush this off as impossible. Find the truth. Research it.

    • That is exactly what this is. Those twins were pimped out from birth and are as blank as whiteboards. A Sarkozy? Definitely some MK-Ultra garbage going on…is this the one who was the first one called after Heath Ledger’s mysterious death? Or was it the other sister? Lots of Illuminati crap swirling around these two, and it’s sad because they had not say-so in joining it.

  • He obviously dyes his hair and eyebrows. He’s really creepy. Naybe she thinks that’s all she can get.

    • LOL?? “SALTY” Really?? There is nothing funny about your post. You have an emotional or huge jealousy problem!! OBVIOUSLY!!!!!

      Those girls were SUPER cute as babies.and are even MORE cute now…..Im not sure if you just want to put them down…or if you feel better by making some people feel smaller than yourself…(which would be hard…because they have OB IOUSLY made more of thenmselves than you can EVER dream of doing… but her and her sister were SUPER cute little kids. And they are gorgeous as the young ladies that they have matured into..

      Maybe counseling would help you work through your insuperiority issues… There is nothing wrong with them.. THEY were LITTLE KIDS… What is your PROBLEM????? REALLY???? You have issues with little girls…that were so so so cute..??? You need some professional help….Im sure there are some counslers in your area…that can help you work through your insecurity issues… dont take your issues out on these little girls..(young ladies).. Maybe their fame bothers you…or wealth… Im sure they have far surpassed your dreams of EVER reaching the levels these two have… DONT HATE… You will never have the money they will never reach the level of fame they have..the best you can do to NOT HATE them… WOW…

      • No matter how hard you try krista, they will never sleep with you, so quit trying to be their Knight-ess in glittering Armor. The guy simply said they were ugly babies, and that is called an opinion…same as yours saying they were cute.

      • What is your problem you bastard she is concerned not hating, she speak The truth this is illuminati creepy shit!

    • The Olsen twins are a tad odd looking but they’re educated and loaded with money. Sarkozy is the brother of the former French prez who married Carla Bruni. I wonder what makes this relationship work. She looks like she’s totally smitten with him….and him with her. It’s the weirdest thing. I’d love to see them around the house. A reality show would be a trip, wouldn’t it?

  • Okay…it is sort of weird…He looks to be that he is totally beyond her years..BUT if she chooses to be with him..then.. we have no right to judge her. If you want my honest opinion …..that poor girl..has so many obstacles in her path.. Then I feel bad for her. Being famous…is hard enough..(I know most of you think “WOW she is rich”)..but you know…that can be a curse as well…they still have hearts…they still have feelings..and as most of us..only have to deal with….”what if they only like me cuz someone else does”.. please consider…that they deal with not only that…but what if someone only likes me cuz I have money?????….or because Im famous??? It is almost SAD…..THAT they they have to go through the same insecurities that all of us “normal” people deal with..but they have all the fame issues on top of all that… Please consider this… can you imagine..???? (I know to some..the thought of money.. ..fame….attention…and all that brings..sounds great…BUT really CONSIDER IT…all of that is NOT all it is cracked up to be…some just want to be accepted..some just want friends…REAL friends…some could care less about the fame..and money . please just consider it….. be a friend…for the sake of JUST being a friend….being a friend is free….dont do it for the fact you may get something out of it..or that you may benefit…. just do it because you care!! That is what Jesus would want you to do…

    • Do you know that you only need one period to end a sentence…not three? You sound little obsessed. They looked like little monkies when they were babies!Must be nice being so rich though,

      • Dave you are funny. I to thought they looked like little Sea Monkeys when they were babies! Krista, chill! You dear…need a friend!

    • Why would you think we care if they are rich or weird?
      OI always get a kick out of the crap some people think. You don’t know any of us. LOL So funny!

  • you losers have nothing better to do in life but comment on this crap? who fucking cares. worry about your OWN worthless lives. you all are sheep. and you all are a big part of whats wrong with the world. BAAAAA.

  • listen if he has gone all the way with her touching her head is no where as unusual as her touching his. she has had an accelerated life and you can fall in love with mind as well as body.

  • it looks like she has “daddy issues” but the creepy part is the guy reminds me of Bob Saget!!! yuck

  • “My skin is literally crawling” really?? if that’s the case you should be rushing to the ER or to the exorcist…not writing this compilation of small minded judgement towards a situation you are alien to.

  • creepy!!this guy looks like danny tanner, and the first picture looks like the way a dad would kiss his daughter.

  • Doesn’t it bother anyone that he has only hollow eye sockets? I mean if someone is blind that’s fine, but as a seeing person with only pitch black eyeholes like in the third picture, the impression he gives shifts from creepy sorcerer to satanic demon.

  • Its very sad to say, but she looks like she is under the influence of drugs, and maybe that is how he is keeping her to himself.

    He really is creepy and looks like she should be her grandfather. What is she thinking.

  • As my dad would say he’s either a very beautiful monster or a very ugly dude HaHaHa… Saturday nite skit i see coming.

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  • She could do a lot better than that! She looks so uncomfortable with him and it totally looks like he just wants attention.

  • These pictures highly disturb me. In the first picture she looks like a scared little girl in the hands of a pervert. Secondly, it could be he might be an abusive controlling type. Notice how uncomfortable she looks and how he grabs her head. A sub-human waste who abused and controlled me as a teen would do similar things to me(grab my head and hair)and be all over me when I just wanted him to dissappear off the face of the earth.

  • I am going to go there.
    So being on Full House full of men, and always having a “moral of the story” in each episode, I imagine their heads were touched a lot. Like “run along and play” and pat them on the head. We all know Freudian’s theories about our childhoods… I am sure it’s some sort of subconscious sexual comfort to be with an older man who likes touching her head. Most of us agree, he looks similar to Danny Tanner. They were on that show for a loooong time, during critical development stages, so as Lana del Rey sayss, “i gots a taste for men who’re older, its always been so it’s no surprise”

  • He’s actually not creepy at all. Ridiculously successful. (More so than his half brother, the former president of France.) And although the photos are unfortunate, he’s an excellent guy.

  • ohhh geeeeeeeee this is hilarious!!! i can die laughing reading all these blogs…. BWAHHAHAHHAHA

  • can’t her money buy herself a handsome boy her age? they both look filthy! filthy rich that is…. but both filthy UGLY! lol

  • This is disgusting! She can do way better than that old creepo. She looks like a little kid with her grandpa. He definitly looks controlling which isn’t good at all!

    • She is almost a 30 year old woman. That would put her parents at 50, grandparents around 70. If you think this man looks 70, you’re a fucking retard. Who’s to say she can do better? All she dated before was losers. These pics specifically show him grabbing her head, but to assume this means he’s “controlling” her is ignorant.
      Goddamn retards up in this comment thread.

  • This looks like one of the kind of guys that had a count down of the number of days till the Olsen twins turned 18.

  • Cut the bull. The age difference is exactly what makes this look so creepy. He could be her dad. And she does look much younger and less in charge of her life then the 26 years she has become. She needs serious help.
    This guy is a daddy figure for her, so what does he see in this young women (mentally stunted child)? The word “Would be Pedophile” flashes across that picture more then anything else about it. It is sad on her part, and disgusting on his.

    • The WOMAN is 26 years old. Attraction to her has nothing to do with pedophilia, you FUCKING moron. I don’t care if he is a HUNDRED years old, you dumb shit.

  • He looks around 60 yrs. old. He looks like the professor from the back to the future movies.

  • He has hold of her head in each of the pictures. It’s as if he’s talking to a child in a pretend-child voice: “We gunna straighten out this little heah head … and we gunna make it think wight.” . . . Deer lawd, his attitude is so condescending, it’s CREEPOUS. And she’s so . . . weird. . . . ahh, the world of celebs . . . LOL >_<

  • Shut up all of you. So a guy has to be pretty to be w/ a young pretty girl. All of you are gross.

  • What can an old woman say to a beautiful young girl, I don’t think anything you will listen to. When I was your was age I was attractive. Long blond hair and a good body.Also had a husband the abused me. My two wonderful children were my achievient in life. After 14 yrs we divorced. First marriage was for 14 yrs and two children. So what did I do, I got married again, Nice kind man who didn’t know how to love or be loved. I am now 71 and I missed out on so much. Please, little girl don’t do the same. Life is short. I wish you all the best.

  • the head-grabbing thing could be a dominating behavior. he’s older & bigger, and by putting his hand on her head in a supposedly affectionate way (but it’s clearly more aggressive), he exhibits his superiority over her, holds her down, keeps her in check. it is indeed creepy.

  • That guy is creepy and sick! look at the picture in the web with him, Mary Kate and HIS daughter… OMG the kid is as tall as MK.. he must had something about little girls… it’s a shame that MK is ‘falling’ for this psycho.

  • Dear Writer,

    If your skin is literally coming off your body I believe you have a bacterial skin infection, don’t worry it is easily treated with a topical ointment.

    You idiot

  • All that head grabbing & mussing of her hair would explain why she didn’t even bother to comb it before walking out the door.

    She looks like a 13-year old in the top picture, which makes it beyond creepy… it’s gag-nasty. I personally suspect that after years of being under such strict control by her gang of protectors, that this is her way of making a statement. And,I bet, horrifying all of those who kept such a tight rein on her while she was growing up.

    It’s such a cliché move though, dating a man old enough to be her father. It’s rather sad.

    With all of that being said, she does seem happy. And despite the criticism for her choice, that’s really all that matters.

  • Come on guys cant you see? She just misses her days on Full House and is trying to get some Danny Tanner Lovin…. She just misses Bob Saget, thats all!!!!

  • He’s probably a really nice guy, people need to quit being so shallow and judgmental.

  • The touching on the head is sexual.
    He can’t get enough oral sex from her.
    He is weird and appears to want to control her.

  • The photos ARE cringable! Why IS he constantly touching her head? Even seeming to push down on her head. Perhaps he really wants to grab her neck?????

  • oh my god. thats so scary. it looks like she has bruises under her eyes, covered up with concealer. i feel sorry for her. she needs to let that guy go. so creepy! she looks scared…

  • @ Emily/author/columnist

    These are snap-shots of an event and are not reflective of the time they spent together. The photographer took these pics with the intention of making it look creepy. Yes i agree the head-grabbing is a gesture of control, but have you even stopped to think she might want or need some form of control in her life?

    I am quite sure if it was an abusive relationship MK wouldn’t stand for it, so your problem obviously IS the age-gap. She is 26 for gods sake, the fact she LOOKS younger is of no consequence.

    Your webpage says it all…..GOSSIP and that’s where sad pathetic people that have nothing better to do would rather consume their time.Men like younger women, and women like older men for many many different reasons.

    And while we all seem to be judging this guy on his looks, i think you Emily should look in the mirror, because you are certainly no oil painting.

  • Uh, not trying to be mean or something but that guy just wants money from her. And besides that guy is old.

  • Its the drugs. In the bottom one (pic) she looks like this addict from a drug doco I saw on YouTube.

  • hes like a Bob Saget wannabe! that creeps me out more than anything, that he’s like her “father”!

  • Mary Kate Olsen would creep me out no matter what she was doing in a photo. She reminds me of those troll dolls, but she’s 26, she’s a self made billionaire and I fail to see the problem with his touching her head. In the last picture, it just looks like light hearted horseplay. In the first picture, she would look creepy without bangs covering her forehead even if she was alone in a pic. Love and happiness can’t be measured by physical appearance. IMO, humans being created with eyesight was a huge blunder. So much intolerance and hatred wouldn’t exist if people based their reaction to other people based on something other than eyesight.

    • Yes she could be he’s obviously what makes her feel safe and secure….we all have our “issues” and insecurities.

  • When I look at the two of them….I see the touching on her head as a sign of great affection. It’s what parent do with children and pets. It may also perhaps be a thing of comfort to her to ground her as she has had unstable events in her life such as bullemia etc. She may need someone whos older and solid to feel safe and secure. It seems to serve them both so why knock it? If she’s happy that’s all that counts….he’s not a creepy old guy like hugh Heffner so get over it!!!