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Hey, Nice Hair, Courtney Stodden

photo of courtney stodden pictures tits hair pic twitter photos
The caption to the above photo? This:

Getting lay’d on the way back home. ;) #yum

My personal response (here, not on Twitter)?

Gagging last night’s NyQuil gelcaps up. #whee and #urk

On a more serious note, though, Courtney‘s hairstyle is probably the best it’s ever been. This girl’s massive, overtanned fivehead is positively made for bangs, and it’s high time she went and maximized the area she’s working with. She’s looking better and better, what with laying off all of the black eyeliner and the Frosted Pinched Nipples lipstick, and the bangs—and pink lipstick—really suit her well.

As for the tits? Well. That happened, as it always happens, and here we are discussing her hair and makeup. We must be desensitized to what’s going on below the neck with this chick, laws yes.

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