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Quotables: Chris Brown Is So Funny!

A photo of Chris Brown

“I’ve accomplished all I need to accomplish in my life as far as me being able to say I can successfully sing, I can dance onstage with the greatest. At the end of the day, when I need to be great is when people can say I’ve helped out the world. It first starts here, helping myself, but what I want to do is bring peace to the world. Not to sound all Teen USA!”

Chris Brown tells a hilarious joke during an appearance.

By the way, this appearance wasn’t just any regular appearance. It was the launch of the Symphonic Love Foundation, which is his foundation. According to Chris, it’s all about “music programs and helping kids with disabilities,” which is neat. The name comes from a tattoo he has on his chest, because “the tattoo ‘symphonic love’ encompasses the positivity of what I’m trying to do – uplifting humanity.” Of course.

Look, this is a good thing. I’m not saying that it’s not. I’m glad Chris made a foundation to get more music programs in school, because I think those kind of foundations are important. I just think it comes of as insincere and assholeish when you do something good just so that everyone knows how awesome you are. Either way, the program is going forward (probably), and that’s what matters, I just think there’s a better way to do this. One suggestion? Say more stuff like “music is important” and less stuff like “what I want to do is bring peace to the world.”

But yeah, as long as Chris Brown is going on about his Jesus complex, I’ll keep laughing. You guys too, right?

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  • That’s unbelievable, I’ve never heard of a misbehaving celebrity starting a foundation to help out the less fortunate. Groundbreaking.