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Katie Holmes Makes All Her Joey Potter Faces on Broadway

photo of katie holmes pictures broadway pic
Or in the case of that photo up there, All Her Best Cryptkeeper Faces. See, my parents have this dog (it’s actually the Family Dog from when I was just a kid), and we joke around that he’s the Cryptkeeper because he’s literally twenty-one years old. I’m going to be thirty in June, and this dog is twenty-one. Which means that the dog my parents gifted me in my ninth year, is still alive and well. And making faces like Katie Holmes. No, seriously, here’s a photo of this mutt:

His name’s Mip. And here’s Camel Mip:

And Britney Spears Mip:

And Chris Brown Mip:

But the bottom line is that Katie Holmes should not be making these faces in public, because they are JUST. NOT. GOOD.

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