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Kate Upton Did Vogue Italia and Here’s the Photos

photo of kate upton vogue pictures
You know, I’m kind of really torn between whether I think Kate Upton’s totally hot, or whether Kate Upton just has a totally hot body. Because she’s gone and scored a spread in Vogue Italia, and to do that, one really must be extraordinarily beautiful, and Kate … well, she’s cute. With a banging bod. And she doesn’t really do high fashion all that well, because she doesn’t really have a Cocaine Kate kind of face, you know?

Take these photos, for example. They’re hot. They’re completely and totally hot. But are they seriously for real? I mean, in one of the pictures (you can check them out in the gallery), Kate’s entire tit is hanging out of her dress. I mean, f-cker is OUT. It’s not a demure little nipslip, and it’s not a “Woops! I’m trying to keep it all in, here!”—her TIT is OUT of the DRESS. And in another photo, she’s reclining on a chair, in a leather all-in-one, and she’s spread-eagle.

So in short, OK. If gangly tits all hanging out of clothing is the new high-fashion, then yes. These photos of Kate Upton for Vogue Italia are right on the money. But if not? Well. The joke’s on somebody; I just can’t, for the life of me, figure out who.

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  • im not a taylor fan but i think that he acted stupidly. it is one line in a song, it would have been different if she copied a verse, a chorus or a melody.

  • \o/

    YAY for tits out of dresses!

    But that is just a black cocktail dress. Not actually fashion as such. I think they just ran out of ideas.

    Or that Steve person is a clever bastard … and men everywhere thank him. Except who reads Vogue Italia?

  • She looks great, but that boob pic is just weird. I don’t see how the one boob hanging out can be sexy… but to each their own, I guess.

  • not high fashion. she’s the new anna nicole smith, looks and style wise. she has the same few looks. she’s a pretty girl. but way too commercial. more maxim than vogue. come on now..

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