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Let Octomom Show You Her New House And Her New Face

Right? I mean, obviously the house is new, but what about her face? It’s nothing drastic, but when the camera zooms in, it kind of looks like she got Botoxed to the max. Is that just me?

The house is nice though, so that’s good. Hopefully it will be a good long while before she has her kids pooping in the backyard again. Either way, I’m mad jealous of that playroom. Can you imagine having a playroom like that as a kid? Wouldn’t it completely blow your mind? I imagine it would be less cool having to share it with your thirteen brothers and sisters, but still.

On a completely unrelated note, I can’t even wait until this weekend to show you this picture I took of my cat:

The vet won’t neuter him until he’s nine months old. No judgement.

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  • Super Cute cat, Very refreshing to hear your vet prefers to wait; that is the very best way to allow them to mature hormonally and not alter that too soon because it has been linked to numerous health problems in cats. The longer you can put it off for male or female cats & dogs the better for their health and longevity.

    As for Nadya, its amazing how she pulls off the donations and still manages to pay for her physical alterations with the injectable fillers and botox.

  • The SPCA does a lot of pediatric neutering but I suppose it’s better than the risk of adopted cats and dogs that might be later abandoned procreating out of control.

    Cute cat? A Sylvester…. Wait…. Don’t you have a rat? how does that work?