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Justin Timberlake is Sorry About That Homeless Video Thing, Also, Here’s Some Wedding Photos

photo of justin timberlake and jessica biel pictures wedding album
And no, I don’t know whether he’s sorry the video was MADE or if he’s just sorry that the news of said video got out to the commoners. I’ll have to get back to you guys on that one. Word on the street is that Justin‘s lamenting the existence of the “tasteless” video. This is what he has to say:

“I had no knowledge of its existence, [and] had absolutely ZERO contribution to it. I am deeply sorry to anyone who was offended by the video. Again, it was something that I was not made aware of. But, I do understand the reaction and, by association, I am holding myself accountable.”

Oh, OK. As long as he’s holding himself accountable. I mean, yeah, I know that he (I guess, anyway) had nothing to do with the making of this film, or the exploitation of the homeless people involved (they were allegedly paid forty bucks a pop for their cameos, which is a pittance when taking how much the people in Justin’s circles probably earn), but doubtless it was something he found to be funny, and not at all sad. Because really, why should you be sad when it’s not you or yours?

Boo on this shit.

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  • WTF? This is a pretty good apology, if you ask me. He actually says he’s holding himself accountable, which is better than most people do when they apologize. And don’t forget, it actually WASN’T him who made the video. Sure, it’s possible that none of it is sincere at all, but why would you say “boo on this shit” when what he’s done is exactly what he SHOULD do? Also, that first photo of him and Jessica is adorable.

    • No, no; it’s not a bad apology. I just feel like a lot of rich folks don’t take poverty real serious, and when you hear about stuff like this, it really kind of reinforces it.

      Also, I’d rather someone have the balls to *not* apologize because they don’t feel it’s necessary, then to apologize just to appease the (poor) masses.

      And yes, they are so, so cute together.

      • But what if he’s really sorry about what occurred at his wedding? And yes it’s true that the whole situation (rich people flaunting their riches at the expense of poor people) sucks, but if he really does feel bad (if his apology has any sincerity at all), then that’s actually pretty sensitive of him, since it was his friend and not himself who did it. And again, it’s possible that he’s just a total douchebag who cares not at all for the plight of the less fortunate and is just trying to cover his ass, but it’s also possible he’s a decent human being. Just ignore me; I’m feeling that I have faith in humanity at the moment, and I have no clue why. =)

    • No, it is a horrible apology. Really.

      He sounds as sincere as he looks in that last photo.

      This is something his publicist/PR person TOLD him to say.

      I would be APPALLED if someone did this at my wedding.

      “I’m very sorry. I (or in his case bodyguards) kicked his ass and he’s now in the hospital. My people are tracking down those unfortunates as we speak and are giving each one a thousand dollars.” would begin to cover it.

      It sounds just like these nouveau riche self-entitled assholes thumbed their noses at the “unfortunates” in a very sadistic way.

      No, that “apology” is complete rubbish.

      I wasn’t sure I could like Shelfy or little Justin any less, but there you go. From apathy to disgust in 10 seconds.

  • what’s with the puffy tummy dress? preggers much?? she’s got a rockin’ body; woulda thought she’d go with a fitted dress, hmmmm….

  • Wait…. maybe it’s because I’m a professional photographer, but does anyone else think this pictures just SUCK?

    • Yes, they suck out loud. I absolutely do not understand the choice for the cover of People….a pretty girl in pink with a meth-head chimp in a tux.

  • Also, not to harp on this too much, but this quote is only a small part of a much longer open letter that he wrote. It would have been nice to see the whole thing, as the rest of it gives a little more insight (at least, in my opinion) into whether or not he’s being sincere. But anyway, they look cute and happy. I hope that they actually are, and that all this he’s-not-that-into-her-and-she’s-an-insecure-stalker-type that this website has gotten into my head is not true!

  • So if he and his wife were so “sorry” where are the massive donations to the Veteran’s groups since they make up the majority of the homeless?
    Maybe JT can write a letter to the vets he disrespected too.
    But nope, one letter and he feels all better. I’m glad his sensitive soul is at peace now while men that fought in Iraq and Afghanistan eat out of dumpsters for their meals today. JT will be dining at fancy restaurants, warm and cozy.
    They are lying spineless assholes, especially Jessica.
    No woman anywhere has “surprises” at her wedding. Not like that.

  • You have no idea if he is sincere or not, he apologized so i say just move on. Just because he didnt react the way you would or the way you think he should doesnt mean it was a bad apology or insincere. He didnt make the video and yet he still holds himself accountable, sometimes we need to stop being mad over nothing theres not much else he could do. His duesch friend who made the video on the other hand, rant about his dick ass all you want.