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I Know! The Source of Courtney Stodden’s Superpower is Her Skankiness!

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Are you guys watching ‘Couples Therapy’? Because I’ve been catching bits and pieces here and there (way too much all at once), and I came upon this gem of an exchange between Courtney Stodden and one of the show’s therapists. Just … just read this. Now:

Therapist: Courtney and Doug, tell me a little bit about the power in your relationship.

Courtney: I think that we, you know, fight for the power, you know both of us … but I think that in the majority of things I do have the power over the relationship.

Therapist: Where do you get your power from.

Courtney: With certain things, that’s just the way that I dress. I have a passion. I am an advocate for having the right to be who you want to be, and there are people out there who don’t have a voice to dress the way they want to dress, look the way they want to look – due to the backlash and the actions of other people. I have saved many lives.

Therapist: I want to know where you get the power in your relationship with your husband. For real … no more beauty pageant answers …

Oh, so don’t worry—Courtney‘s saved many lives, guys. Somehow, somewhere, there’s someone alive just because Courtney Stodden exists, and endorses having a voice to dress the way they want to dress, because that’s not grammatically incorrect or, you know, for that matter, not entirely absurd at all.

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    Power of the pusswah! (And, yes, that is a double entendre.)

    *cue superman up up and away music*

    “Women … all across the land … can now wear lucite or black stripper heels and dress like crap in total prognostication to man’s objectification of women!”

    *cue Courtney in a crotchless Wonder Woman’s suit* (sorry for that visual. It had to be done.)

    “Now, from her matchbox Hollywood fortress of nude cookie baking, comes COURTNEY and”

    *cue close up of said crotch in Bruce Lee zoom*

    “her POWAH PUSSAH!”

    *cue close up of her gob with duck lips and fake wind blowing her hair*

    “Take that, you pentagons of good taste!” (In scratchy smoker-voice)

    Sponsored by Hooters, Hustler, and Biguns. Could Al Bundy be wrong?

  • What I absolutely love about her adamant refusal to change how she dresses, or the way she looks is the fact that the second Playboy said they weren’t interested she gives herself a complete makeover.

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