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Oh, By the Way, Lindsay Doesn’t Have a Publicist Anymore

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Could we consider this the final nail in the coffin? Possibly. Steve Honig, Lindsay’s long-time publicist, has quit his job following the Michael Lohan-intervention thing that some claim was the second-to-last nail in the coffin of Lindsay‘s career. From TMZ:

Michael Lohan tells us, he butted heads with Steve big time in the weeks leading up to his Lindsay intervention on Friday — but things came to a head over the weekend, when Steve released a statement saying Lindsay’s management team had nothing to do with Michael’s plans.

Michael flipped out on Steve over the statement, calling him a “f**king liar” in a text message.

Though, when asked if Steve quit over Lindsay’s dad, Michael had this to say:

“Michael wishes he were that important.”

So … this Steve man didn’t quit over Michael, then? It wasn’t a quit-on-principle thing? Because the only other option aside from that is because Lindsay’s career is a sinking ship, and continually trying to make new for someone’s ridiculous, ever-present behavior has become a job for three or four full-time staffers? Could that be it, maybe? Because I’m thinking that’s probably it—there isn’t enough money in the world to keep a single person on as the publicist of Lindsay-f-cking-Lohan.

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  • Even though there isn’t enough money in the world worth it to work for Lindsay Lohan, I kinda get the feeling he wasn’t getting any money from her at this point.

  • Yeah, I always smiled when I saw Steve Honig’s name attached to some incoherent defense of his client. Hardest-working man in showbiz, that’s for damn sure.

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